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According to Secretary General of the CSI, Guy Ryder, the discrimination in the work is one of the main forms of racial discrimination. While the unions fight by the decent work for all, the migrant workers are with too much frequency victims of the discrimination. Italy has been recently scene of extremely violent incidents against migrant workers, in particular in the city of Rosarno, clear indicative of the increasing xenophobia and racist tendencies that persist in certain parts of Europe. " The situation of these workers in Italy and the abuse, the discrimination and the operation are an alarming reminder of which racism continues being an evil generalizado" , it declared says in addition, that racism, the discrimination and the xenophobia allow in addition that the slavery persists in Western Africa, where determined chaste they continue being enslaved by its traditional masters and gentlemen, and where new variants, as the work in conditions of servitude deals with and it people, propagate quickly because of the uninhibited globalisation The smaller doubt does not fit says, that the economic crisis continues being very destructive in terms of use. The respect by the diversity in the work place is essential, mainly when in the society prevail considerable breaches, as it is the discrimination in the world of the work. /www.lahaine.org comments, that At the moment great part of the western population thinks that racism is a phenomenon of the past. It is certain that the most explicit and aggressive forms of racism today are made precise and massively rejected, but is it also that today racism persists of smoother and imperceptible way in its formal aspects, although not in its consequences.

The marginalization in the work, the house, the school, the segregation and social exclusion really which frequently they are seen put under the ethnic minorities, corresponds to a society that practices still certain forms of racism comments to us. Neither racism nor the xenophobia began with the facist regimes, nor finished with the end of the South African laws of apartheid. They have only changed the ways, the appearances. Today they remain concealed, protected in " needs prcticas" , and not only by means of the segregacionistas laws of extranjera or discriminatorias norms of " integracin" , but, first of all, through the imposition of economic, social, cultural and political neocolonialism to the towns of origin of these immigrants. Original author and source of the article.

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