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The only criterion for selection in the college is successful completion of VLEK (medical certificate of fitness), net Such commissions in Kazakhstan still exists on the basis of structural units in Astana, Almaty, Aktobe and Shymkent. Permission from a rather formal Gosavianadzor event for people with higher technical training. Because the school is a private company, so far all the services it provides at its own expense coming, until the state grants to school there, although some airlines give credit for such training, but then it will need to "work out" for three years. Work after graduating from college, too, there is no guarantee, but useful tips on how and where you can successfully get a job upon its completion and how to effectively continue follow-up study. The production base is ample School, classrooms are equipped, the pace of training intense, but not tiring. Dorm rooms are comfortable, for two persons, by modern standards quite cheap. The production process consists of theoretical classes, excursions to peremezhivayuschihsya operating aircraft.

Graduation Program: 12 hours on the simulator and the An-2 flight program 16 hours of practical flight on an airplane AN-2. Upon successful completion of Certificate is issued and the license is CPL (Commercial Pilot License). Of course, with a touch of 16 hours is difficult to get into any "decent" airline operates a modern aircraft, but aerial chemical works such pilots as long as claimed, was originally assumed that the school will prepare "chemists" as material and technical basis and methodology used in the school do not yet allow Pilots prepare an international level. Currently, in my view, the process of "redistribution of property" school. School, as well as a similar form of ownership in the company "Berkut-ZK", organized ex- head of the airline, respectively, with "blurred" face between private enterprises and the actual base airline, having been a joint-stock form of government that allows, at first glance, legitimate way to use existing production base and personnel airline as a whole, the commercial subsidiary, but a purely private enterprise.

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Certificates are documents that gather certain data of the holder as well as your public key and are signed electronically by the certification authority using your private key. The certification authority is a particular type of provider of certification services that legitimizes, before third parties who rely on their certificates, the relationship between the identity of a user and your public key. Users confidence in the certification authority is important for the functioning of the service and justifies its employment philosophy but there is no standard procedure to demonstrate that a certification authority, deserves such a confidence. The public key and private key asymmetric cryptography is a cryptographic method that uses a pair of keys for sending messages. The two keys belong to the same person who sent the message. A key is made public and can be delivered to any person, the other key is private and the owner must save it so that nobody has access to it. Speaking candidly Dr. John Mcdougall told us the story. Cryptographic methods, ensure that the key pair is can generate only once, so that it can be assumed that it is not possible that two people have obtained coincidentally the same key pair.

If the sender uses the recipient’s public key to encrypt the message, once encrypted, only the recipient’s private key can decrypt this message, since it is the only one who knows it. Therefore the confidentiality of sending the message is achieved, nobody except the recipient can decrypt it. If the owner of the key pair uses its private key to encrypt the message, anyone can decrypt it using your public key. In this case is get the identification and authentication of the sender, because it is known that only could have been him who used its private key (unless someone would have been able to steal it). This idea is the basis of the electronic signature. It is the certified electronic signature that gives to document their legal value as e.g.

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You will question where you want to arrive with this papo. I want to say here that not obstante the physical difficulties and limitations to my treat it normally cousins. They talk with it, they place it along with the new features of the house, will have reform or not, if they had fought with the namorada one, if they are ill or with health. At last, even so it if does not move and is prostrada in a bed it has three decades almost, it gives to total attention in what they say. He is obvious: its spirit is active, feeling, loving, living Cliente of the immortal reality we cannot leave to treat familiar sick people? here it will have who them? as if they did not exist. Its is important to walk evolutivo that they receive the attention that they deserve. It does not answer? from there? They are difficulties of the body that will be cured with the time. However the soul is well alive and intent.

If you have somebody in house in the provisory situation of physical invalidity? invalidity written here for the purpose of agreement without cairmos in philosophical digresses on the subject? if it has not limited to the basic cares of feeding and medication. It goes beyond. It talks, it kisses, it counts its problems, it gives attention to it. It makes the dear being to be part of the family. It can be that now it does not answer on account of the physical limitation, but has the certainty that in reencontro in the Native Spiritual, when I free recouped of the evil acometeu that it, the familiar one to certainly will be thankful it for you not to on account have it left other people’s of the events of its physical limitations. After all, much worse of what the difficulty of the body is the blindness that acomete who does not observe the plazas horizontes of the immortal Spirit. Let us think about this!

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