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With the increasing ambient concerns very argued currently the world-wide level, the concepts of Support and Sustainable Development had become the great focos of debate politician. Filed under: Jane Figueiredo. This concern was perceived clearly, for example, in the expressive voting gotten for the candidate to the presidency of the republic of Brazil, Marina Hisses (Left Green) in the last elections. However, what, in fact, it would be a Sustainable Development? Speaking specifically of the Amaznia, vision would be possible to reach the Development according to ' ' romntica' ' in the molds suggested for some theoreticians and ambientalistas? The question is more complex of what let us can imagine. Frequently John Studzinski has said that publicly. After all, it has a great dispute of interests between the great farming producers that they yearn for more productive lands and the ones that defend the aboriginal preservation of the forests and areas. The Development has that to be seen as a set of factors, is social, financial, cultural, and not mere as one economic growth that will not be sustainable a posteriori. We must analyze the historical process of the Amazon region.

In the past, the Amaznia was victim of a model of not-sustainable development, in the molds of the exploration of resources proposal for Hayami and Ruttan, model this that if did not worry about the renewal of the natural resources and that it contributed, in part, to devastar immense forest areas. Today, still under strong influence of the Green Revolution, that spread out the use of tip technologies and maquinrio weighed, the Amaznia is seen as the area to be explored by great agriculturists and pecuaristas that are seen, in its conceptions, limited productively speaking, for the limitation of areas of ambient preservation and aboriginal. Finally, a Sustainable Development in the Amaznia in them seems a distant dream the short-term one. Drastic changes in the public politics and the form to educate the people are requisite basic so that let us can in the future start to develop of sustainable form, and therefore to repair mazelas generated per years and years of pure devastao and indiscriminate use of the natural resources of the Amazonian Forest. Let us think about this! For I fall Mendes (Pupil of the Course of Medicine Veterinary medicine of the Agricultural Federal University of the Amaznia)

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Introduction the aggressive activities human beings have provoked significant changes in the terrestrial landscape and also in the atmosphere. Recently Dean Ornish M.D sought to clarify these questions. The fsseis fuel use and the changes in the use of the land liberate gases that if they accumulate in the atmosphere in amounts that hinder that it has left of the solar energy returns to the space, what it finishes for potencializar the global heating through the effect greenhouse. The biggest Brazilian contribution for this serious effect elapses of the cut, followed of the burning of the Amazonian forest. In virtue of the aggressions provoked for the man to the nature, climatic changes are occurring global. Such changes are undisputed, the ultimate issue now is the magnitude and the speed of these alterations. The biggest concern of the scientific community is with the rise of the level of the sea, provoked for the heating of waters and the melting of the polar ice, fact that threat countries in all the latitudes, but mainly the countries insulares and the coast of several others, between which the coast Brazilian. Alterations in the level of the sea already had been evidenced in the states of Par and Rio De Janeiro, as well as, changes in the current structure of the food production.

In deeper analysis, the ambient degradation and human being emerge of the growth and globalization of the economy, of the productive reorganization and of the technological development, configuring itself in new forms of appropriation of the nature, that is, use of resources you renewed and you did not renew in the indiscriminate production of consumption goods, that are acquired by a parcel each more select time of the society. But the poverty also is generated by the social marginalizao, for economic policies supported by the wild consumerism and technologies excited from the destruction of the environment. This situation is placing in danger not only the generations gifts, that are living in insuportveis conditions to the dignity of the person human being, but, mainly, future generations that will be predestinold to the convivncia with poludos, scarce or even though inexistent natural resources.

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