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The new international bank account number experts, in which also they work, have to throw mostly habit with abbreviations order by which the layman but has no idea. Also in the financial sector. Of course, we all know what a PIN or a TAN is because these terms have become now commonplace. Dr. John Mcdougall is often quoted as being for or against this. The term HBCI procedural, it is perhaps more difficult when one or the other. Do you know what is an IBAN? Konto.com would like to explain its readers this question in a slightly different way, using an infographic. Info graphics, complex and complex topics can be arranged more understandable. So the reader can capture the most important information already at the first glance: bank-service/banklexikon/iban-international-bank-account-number.html what is an IBAN? The international bank account number (IBAN short) stands for the new international format of account and should enter into force beginning 2014.

Was developed, to simplify and speed up international payments. The problem is that the various countries in the bank routing number and account number are different. So, some countries have example, even no direct bank, because the data for the respective Bank are encrypted in the account number. So to simplify international payments a uniform system must provide, so that the data can be captured faster the IBAN. The IBAN consists of one determine encoding scheme, in which the data are internationally the same structured. What is the IBAN? The IBAN is composed of 4 blocks.

The first block contains a two-digit check digit in all countries the respective two-digit country code and the second block. The third block in Germany consists of one 8 digit bank code and the fourth block of a ten-digit account number. Should the account number consist of ten digits, not the missing numbers are filled with zeros at the beginning. Thus, in total, the IBAN in Germany consists of 22 points. In other countries the IBAN is from a total of 34 points. As in the other countries, the first block of the land code and the second from a check digit is the remaining 30 posts on that in the country of usual banking and account information be distributed; So, an IBAN consists of set numbers. The infographic from konto.com helps them to preserve a clear view at the juxtaposition of different numbers and letters: bank-service/banklexikon/iban-international-bank-account-number.html contact information / press contact Lisa Bachmann 0221 67787410 company Konto.com is a portal which is among the largest and most popular German offers to the subject account, banking and private finances, now 5 years. So the portal in addition to online comparisons in the area overnight, fixed deposit, checking account, Depot and credit card offers even more detailed information about each of these areas. Aims of Konto.com to give you useful and high-quality information, tips and explanations of the various areas of finance. Can be used as a Bank glossary explains the most important terms and in detail examined specific subjects such as deposit insurance and online banking. Area holds an another news up to date on the latest developments in the world of finance and banking.

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One of the most significant points when we see television, films and when we see magazines of fashions is even the flat abdomen whereupon always the ideal form imagines masculine as as much feminine. This can cause like result in some people with great abdomen lowers self-esteem, forcing to the people to reduce the size of the abdomen in incorrect form. To have a great abdomen walks almost always of the hand with too much weight. To weigh too much has its dangers. There is a great amount of deaths every year in different countries due to complications related to the obesity.

Some of those complications include difficulty in the breathing, discharge probability of diseases in the immunological system by the depression, low self-esteem, chronic fatigue because the heart must work to pump blood to one more a greater area more. The mortal consequences include obstruction of arteries that can cause faults cardiac sudden. There are different forms to obtain a flat abdomen. One of the ways is securing knowledge. Today, it has lessons in abundance to very low cost to lose weight and the form to reduce the size of the abdomen. A place with information is enough in line. The Internet literally contains thousands of Web sites that explain how it can lose weight. The education also is important because it must know what foods are ideal to achieve their objective and how to prepare them.

The other way as it can obtain a flat abdomen is making exercise. There are fast exercises that you can have in its daily routine, especially in the mornings. You can begin with 30 seconds of abdominal and 20 contractions. This is perfectly within any capacity to do it and it does not need equipment high cost of the gymnasiums to realise them. To obtain a flat abdomen is healthy and a good way to begin the battle against the obesity. If it wishes to continue with this information about losing weight naturally, it visits its page Web to lose fat in abdmen For more articles on losing weight in Spanish visits Diets To become thin. Original author and source of the article

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