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“Every single disease of civilisation is a billion dollar business, diabetes only under many Bruchsal November 12, 2009 – the scientists and doctors believe is still one that you diagnosed with diabetes” must live. To broaden your perception, visit Dean Ornish M.D. Is not curable. These scientists and doctors have graduated from the same study, represent different opinions but in their practices. Since the release of their low-carb books, the author receives many emails from people who suffer from various diseases. This report the author many different opinions of doctors, regarding for example the long-term value of blood glucose levels. So some doctors from 5.5 (Hba1c) provide medicines and other medical professionals say their patients up to 7.0 (Hba1c) would still be OK.

What doctor has right now? Each individual disease of civilisation is a billion dollar business, diabetes is just one among many. Stock Exchange specialists have two-to three-digit gains for diabetes shares with its recommendations. People suffering from diabetes experience their reality less euphoric. “” The diagnosis diabetes “is not so positive for them as a patient” as for the physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. It is even explained that her illness was incurable, and that they would have to learn to live up to the end of her life with the disease. Company information: Jutta Schutz was born in Saarland, Germany. She is lecturer and author of 9 books: we eat too many carbohydrates?, sudden migraines, suddenly diabetes, carbohydrates, no thank you, I once was diabetic, but please meat, carbohydrate arm carbohydrate-poor vegetarian and baking without flour, miracles take time, you hear the love?

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Sanitary products financed by the national system of health (bandages, gauzes, prostheses, etc) will also be a reduction in the price, but it will be 7.5%. In other words, they will be cheaper, but we understand that its impact on the income statement of the pharmacy will not be very significant, says the Manager. On the other hand funded orphan medicinal products shall pass to have a reduction of 4%. The final impact with that said Asefarma Loupe view the set of measures that have been implemented in the last two months will cause fewer benefits to this sector. All them, more reductions in the prices of generic drugs, the limitation of the discount pharmacies of 10% by industry/distribution, the change in the price calculation system of reference, etc, will have an estimated impact of 1,000 euros per month – 12,000 euros per year-, on average, of lower profit in pharmacies, says Simon Fernandez.

A panorama that Asefarma tends his hand to pharmacists and encouraged them to work with motivation and positivity. We are optimistic with the future of the Pharmacy and think that they can achieve significant improvements in the profitability of the same by making active management (management of purchasing, stock, pharmaceutical marketing, introduction of new services, personnel management, implementation of protocols of quality, etc.) to transform pharmacy into a dynamic space for health. You can count on us to deal with this new reality, adds arabigoandaluces. Regarding the collective rural pharmacies (located in towns of fewer than 1,000 inhabitants is the same) consultancy estimated that we need to care more, but that with work and tenacity will continue forward. All of them can improve their profitability, but in a very limited way and that is why they have it worse, but we think they are which provided a public health service more clearly to people who care and this from Asefarma we advocate and we ask for them by health authorities, special protection dispensing discounts and measures are intended to apply to the whole of the pharmacy, ends Patricia Fernandez Simon.

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Manual methods of administration allow for an individualized approach, allow work in even the most sensitive areas with very thin skin to allow a more economical use of medicines and do not require large additional costs. In mesotherapy, as indeed everywhere else, 'manual' work is appreciated more. The use of automatic injectors, of course, makes the injection less painful, which is especially important when processing large areas of skin, like, say, anti-cellulite treatment. Facilitates and accelerates the work of the doctor, but increases the cost of the procedure through the use of expensive equipment. Here plays the role and image of the moment: the use of special equipment is always mentioned in the advertisement.

Informed choice of medicines funds, account history, good technical skills can minimize complications during mesotherapy. And yet they are found. This is evidenced by numerous publications and personal experience of each doctor. Faced with the absence of the expected effect when using multicomponent 'cocktail' (of 5-8 components), with necrosis in a little deeper introducing excessive doses, even non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, not to mention the cortisone. Rare, but allergic reactions, especially when using biological products, vitamins. Moreover, allergic reactions may be in the form hives and even angioedema. Cases of anaphylactic shock was not described, but the presence of antishock set in the office mezoterapevta necessarily.

Vagal syndrome, doctors rarely observed: bradycardia, fall in blood pressure, cold extremities require an immediate injection of atropine. Patients with high pain threshold, if it enters the sensitive points (for fibromyalgia), accompanied by the introduction of caffeine significant morbidity. When careless disinfect skin, failure to comply with the rules of aseptic and antiseptic possible infectious Oslo . Although the literature describes cases of infection, even at absolute compliance All the prescribed norms. At the injection site on the background develop inflammation, the formation of scars, lesions postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Summing up today, we can say that, perhaps, definition of mesotherapy only as a special technique of injecting drugs is not entirely fair. Mesotherapy, rather – a special technique of medical practice, which allows for the prevention and rational pharmacotherapy of various pathological conditions. Special place and the popularity of mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine due to the possibility of pathogenetic approach to addressing the various cosmetic problems, the possibility of drug delivery is not just a target organ, and directly into the target tissue. Not only local and regional effects of drugs, but also their systemic impact, coupled with positive effects on themselves injections should provide a pronounced and long lasting results. Although sometimes we are faced with the lack of desired effect. What is the reason for this – worth investigating. With the complications encountered infrequently, if they can be completely avoided? Homeopathic or allopathic l ekarstva – what to choose? How to create mezoterapevtichesky 'cocktail'? Who and how this will teach? And someone: a doctor or a nurse? And finally, the most interesting – whether it is possible today to determine the place mesotherapy in cosmetology tomorrow?

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The first part which is new to the topic of naturopathy today on arzneimittel.de started having from the health basics GmbH & co. KG-run Portal today, 9.11.09 arzneimittel.de, made the first part of its new campaign around the theme of naturopathy online. Interested to find a new part on arzneimittel.de from today every 2 days. The total 10 campaign will be completed until the end of November. Today: headache everyone knows the situation if the head pounding and blaring: headaches are among the most common health complaints. This, the most common types include migraine and tension-type headache. The causes for headaches can be very different.

They range from stress (psychological) to strictly fixed hair sitting in poorly ventilated spaces or vascular related causes such as circulatory disorders. The causes are numerous, the supply of drugs is so diverse. Aspirin and acetaminophen are among the best-known products of conventional medicine. But it is also course: Willow is a proven treatment for head problems. Butterbur helps migraine. Stress-related headaches can have a preventive treatment with Lavender. In addition, peppermint is recommended. Important for frequently affected: prevention: avoid factors triggering headaches.

“Compensation: they provide a balanced work-life balance”, i.e. the right balance and relaxation. Advice: Consult a doctor necessarily in permanent pain. On Wednesday, 11.11, learn new and interesting things about the treatment of neck pain. See… just healthy advise arzneimittel.de – free of charge and without obligation! ++ ++ the information portal for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food supplements, homeopathy and naturopathy ++ arzneimittel.de combines the advantages of a free information portal for one with a built-in Web2. 0 Gesundheitscommunity and over-the-counter on the other hand with the possibility of ordering drugs on our Luitpold partner pharmacy pharmacy bad Steben. Health basics GmbH & co. KG ++ ++ our company sees itself as a holistic solution provider in the health field between marketing, public relations/press, technology and legal possibilities. Especially in today’s times, the health market is subject to the momentous upheavals. But just these changes leads to enormous potential for individual companies, as long as it is to recognise the signs of the times and track practical and legally sound solutions and ultimately to realize. Luitpold pharmacy bad Steben ++ ++ Karlheinz Ilius holder of the Luitpold-apotheke in bad Steben is 25 years. As one of the first German pharmacist, 2004 won the shipping permission and thus allowing for the operation of the mail-order pharmacy drugs by klick.de. The Luitpold pharmacy is the largest employer in bad Steben. In addition to five employees in the pharmacy currently 76 employees for the mail-order pharmacy drugs by klick.de. In the mail order business, drugs by klick.de supervised throughout Germany over half a million customers.

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It is interesting that during the treatment the dose gradually can be increased, what very modern Allergology reminiscent of the desensitization process. The spa was already conducted with Piper longum with good success in many asthma patients. In the course of treatment, were the seizures of rare, less strong and not so long continued. Partly, a drastic reduction in the Eosinophilia could be detected. Side effects were rare. Traditional knowledge guided testing of quality, safety and efficacy of herbal medicines, Padma v only patients with tendency to the acidification of the stomach reacted sometimes with complaints, so that the dose had to be reduced. Cardiologist has plenty of information regarding this issue.

A further immune modulator from the Ayurvedic phytotherapy plants treasure is the Gugul or incense. Plant producing the incense that is best-known in Europe is Boswellia serrata. She used in India for centuries in Chronic Polyarthritis, but also Hyperlipidemia and other diseases usually in combination with various other herbs. As sufficient scientific studies of the University of Tubingen have shown the Boswellia introduces a completely new principle arthritis in the therapy of autoimmune diseases such as in the autoimmune disorder Rheumatoid. While about the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs inhibit the prostaglandin and want to to this unit areas of joint destruction by its own immune system, Boswellia serrata blocking other immune messengers: leukotrienes. These substances are produced by immune cells, which erroneously directed against your own body, and to significantly participate in the destruction of cartilage and synovial fluid. Despite this revolutionary principle of operation, Gugul shows virtually no side effects in gives shape as opposed to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Principles of quality control, standardization and chemo profiling of medicinal plants and ISM preparations, R K.

Khajuria and S. G. Agarwal immune modulation by rejection not only of phytotherapy, also in another area shows Ayurveda connection points of modern Immunology. According to Ayurvedic teaching, a person becomes ill, when the flow balance, the harmony of its bio-energies is disturbed.

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Jolly statistics about weight loss agree that statistics – not the most interesting thing in the world. Numbers, percentages, graphs boring things. However, for the faceless figures hide the real facts. Sometimes – scary, sometimes – hopeful. Dr. Kevin Cahill understood the implications. Let's start with the sad. Get more background information with materials from GNYCUC. In the world of 1.7 billion people are overweight and 259 million obese patients. In Russia, no less impressive data – 30% of the population suffer from overweight and 25% (one out of four!) – From obesity.

Next – worse. According to statistics, the notorious, most dieters do not succeed. And the majority of weight loss did not get to keep the achieved results. "Magic" diets, exhausting physical load, surgical intervention, "magic" pills – none of this improves the overall statistics. We're finally starting to understand that all of the above, at best, provides only short-term results and well, if without serious consequences for health.

But let's not get depressed. Perhaps the first step towards the attainment of normal weight – to understand that the promises like "lose weight fast and forever!", "10 kg for a week!" Should not attract, but rather scare. And now – the real data. Not shocking, not deprived of sleep, just objective figures obtained for the 2006-2009 year in patients with overweight and obesity in the center Aesthetic Medicine 'Assen'. To study the effectiveness of the method 'NEEDLE dr ' was randomly generated sample of 225 people. Of these, 80 overweight (average weight – 76 kg), 83 – 1 degree of obesity (Average weight – 89 kg), 42 – 2 degrees of obesity (average weight – 104 kg) and 20 people – from grade 3 obesity (average weight – 117 kg). Monitoring of patients occurred during the 4 weeks. It was found that 61% of patients lost more than 4 kg. The relation between the four groups, of course, different. It is known that the more overweight, the easier it go the first weight. So, if a group of overweight people for two weeks more than 4 kg lost 45% in the group with Obesity 3 degrees over the same period by more than 4 kg lost weight 90% (ie, 18 people from 20!). Moreover, if the first group of more than 2 kg (taken over a minimum figure) lost 81% in the second and third – 89% and 98%, respectively, in the fourth group more than 2 kg of disposed 100% of losing weight. The study took into account not only dropped pounds, but also changes in fat mass and waist circumference in centimeters. 5 cm decreased at the waist by 14 people from groups with an average weight of 76 and 89 kg, 5 people from the weight category 104 kg and 9 people in the group with a weight of 117 kg. Weight loss occurred mainly at the expense of fat mass, and partly of common water. You can continue to operate on numbers, but the main thing – not the case. And the fact that individual approach to each patient, and 90% (all without numbers still did not work!) showed a stable weight reduction. And it – an encouraging result.

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Being sick is hard enough Berlin, 10; Open day at the 31.10.09, outer rotor lane 9-11. A serious operation, a lengthy therapy, a serious diagnosis or an accident, and nothing is like before. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. addresses the importance of the matter here. If daily life due to illness is difficult to cope with, who actually helps in such cases? Since 2008, the nonprofit association of BiNK, abbreviation for advice and support in disease and crisis in Nuremberg e.V., maintains a helpline, which is open every day from Monday to Friday. We’re for the people, by disease changed has the 1st Chairman of the social institution, Mr Georg Rieger explains their life. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tiffany Espensen. Networking with all health care facilities is very important.

BiNK in Professor Dr. Wolfgang Sollner, the Chief doctor of the Psychosomatic Medicine at the clinic Nuremberg has an advocate. He certifies BiNK to fill a widening gap with his offer. For lack of orientation will help people in acute crises and Orientation gladly given. Help, done by many volunteers and committed Club members, Honorary powers and a part-time force, has its price.

For a good cause will help giver to seeking help and ask for support. Who would like to support the idea and the offer by BiNK, can be simply active: an SMS with keyword BINK on the speed dial of 8 11 90 sent brings 3 euro support. The amount will be plus the normal SMS transport fee with the next cell phone invoice and 2.87 go directly to the Club. This is a service of spendino GmbH. Spendino: The spendino GmbH is a service company for the non-profit sector. The young company aims to reduce the fundraising and to increase the volume of donations without additional investment. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. This is spendino the only supplier in Germany, is the use of of mobile technologies for social purposes has specialized press contact: spendino GmbH Berlin contact: Mrs. Verena Bock telephone: 03045020522 fax: 03045025657 website: spendino.

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Caring for feet and hands hands – the most defenseless body. From morning till night they are exposed to external shocks of water, cleaning products, solar radiation, etc. Leather Hand "tell" about the present age of the owner C to keep them healthy and well groomed, very important to ensure regular proper care of them. Taking care of you, Nahrin developed a special cream for your hands. The main advantage of the cream – its preventive and therapeutic effect.

Stimulating blood circulation, removing fatigue, giving freshness and giving relief hand cream prevents dryness, irritation, roughness and skin aging. In modern society, health gains increasingly important. Body care means not only cleaning but also protection – both from external influences, as well as from pathogenic bacteria. To this end was also developed an antibacterial hand gel – it clears skin care for her and protect her – three effects in one vehicle. This gel hand wash is perfect for travel, as well as in all cases where the use of simple hygiene (soap and water) is not convenient or possible (for use of water is not needed). Feet are constantly exposed to high physical activity, maintaining the whole burden of the body. The main problems associated with the soles of the feet: sweating, humidity and high temperatures in summer, shoes and socks, do not allow the skin to breathe during the winter. The man in the course of life from an average of 400 million steps, then there is a path equal to triple the length of the equator.

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Mail-order pharmacies are the trend. That comfortable home deliver his meds can be mail order pharmacies not only lie in the trend. Not only that comfortable home deliver his meds can be, often are the prices for tablets & co. significantly cheaper than in the pharmacy around the corner. Will benefit especially chronically sick people and people who buy a larger style. Mail-order pharmacies attract their customers especially with affordable prices.

Non-prescription medications are often up to 30% cheaper than in the conventional pharmacy. For prescription drugs, which are subject to a price fixing usually, different mail-order pharmacies discount, as mentioned here: health/mail-order pharmacies drugs on klick.html of mail order is released since the beginning of 2004. It paved the way also for the mail-order pharmacy in Germany. Make the price comparison – even if it seems strange for the first time, Internet pharmacies offer partially lower prices both for Medicinal products. Get all the facts and insights with Cardiologist, another great source of information. The medicines come then even conveniently mailed to you in the House.

Particularly, it’s worth if you regularly need medicines must be available but not immediately. The drugs may be ordered for prescription medicines, as also for prescription Arzneimitttel. The Geschift of the mail-order pharmacy is booming, on-site pharmacies, with the mail-order pharmacy in general or the on-line pharmacy in particular, get strong competition and must adjust to the market of online drugs. A report the consumer periodical “Guter Rat” now about one million Germans in this way your medication order online as mentioned here: deutsch/ratgeber/arzneimittel/versandapotheke.html which is big advantage of mail-order pharmacies is that the customer can order online to his medication, he must so that not once more on the doorstep. Both over-the-counter and prescription medications can be ordered. When prescription drugs must be presented however the prescription by the doctor, in the original, the mail-order pharmacy. This means that you must always find the way to the post office to send the recipe in prescription drugs. However this way for the customers can be worth, because the drugs at pharmacies cost often only a fraction of the price for which they are offered in a normal pharmacy. These low prices at the mail-order pharmacies are based on the fact that the medicines are purchased here in large quantities. A mail-order pharmacy is virtually a drugs wholesale, whose cheap purchase prices are passed on to the customers. Shopping at a mail-order pharmacy should only be made if you exactly know the ordered product, its effectiveness and its potential side effects, as mentioned here: health/mail-order pharmacies cheap meds unfortunately no beratung.html

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The Board of Trustees of good seeing e.V. from (www.sehen.de/…) recommendations here. Optometrist, advise adults every two years to check their eyes, because vision problems often gradually evolve. From 40 years of age, they advise to an annual test to correct the presbyopia, as soon as it occurs. What should you look for when purchasing glasses? Based on the vision test, the optometrist created a recommendation for customized eyeglass lenses. Because it is important that the glasses are optimally adapted to the respective requirements of life, the occupation and the activities of the glasses wearer.

Here a distinction in principle between a. a thickness glasses for long – and short-sightedness, b. progressive lenses for a combined long – and short-sightedness from 40 years, c. workplace glasses are matched on a relaxed look in the medium – and short-range. These types of glass are available in two different materials: glass and plastic.

Plastic glasses are called eyeglass lenses made of glass, mineral glasses, usually cheaper and scratch-resistant, lighter and bruchfester. The selection criteria are decisive as the wearing time and stress of the glasses or even the asking price of the buyer. For special requirements there are various offers to d. sports glasses for clear vision at in – and outdoor sports activities, e. Selbsttonenden glasses that automatically darken in the Sun and indoor again be clear, f. toned and clear Sun glasses lenses for UV – and shade of the eyes. Different coatings for the glasses offer more opportunities to vote the glasses on the personal lifestyle: as a hard layer for example protection offers against scratches, recommended for children’s glasses or softer plastic glasses. An anti-static coating will stick dust and dirt, less on the eyeglass, suitable for eyeglass wearers, who constantly wear their glasses. High-tech coatings like DurVision Platinum von ZEISS (www.zeiss.de/ duravisionplatinum) offer an all-round protection with a combined anti-reflection coating, hard coating and antistatic coating.

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