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Analyzing the Constitutional text> Brazilian we can affirm to have itself breached what it is traditionally installed in family substance, since the beginning of the republican age? The ratified spite of, express, as base of the society, and to enjoy of special protection of the State, the family more is not associated, with exclusiveness, to the marriage. We can perceive that the constitutional text included the union steady as a family form, but also excluded the homoafetiva union when saying that the union must be between a man and a woman. The legislator relegated the homoafetiva union the same the indifference with that she was dealt the steady union before the Great Letter 1988.A steady union was not equalized the marriage for what he extracts yourself of the constitutional rules. The doctrine, in its smashing majority, comes interpreting the Constitution of form to conclude for the inexistence of equalization of the fellowship to the marriage. In case that such identity existed, incua would be the determination of the paragraph 3, of art.226, in the direction of if facilitating the conversion of the steady union in marriage. If the conversion had the equalization would be useless.

That is, the steady union meets in an inferior platform in relation to the marriage, it not fitting all the inherent rights it. The Federal Constitution continues privileging the marriage, only left to consider it only form of recognized familiar entity, but still it excludes the homoafetiva union as family form. The constitutional rules, according to better exegese, must be interpreted in the direction to have bred a public subjective right to the friends to require the conversion of the steady union in marriage, exercitvel against the State, since that filled the requirements for such. In this way, the constitutional rules, in the relative aspect the conversion, does not impose a legal obligation to the friends, and yes it creates right, pendant of regulation, constitutional rules of limited effectiveness or pragmatic norm, according to classification that is adopted.

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Characteristics these that identify to this filter element These characteristics confer to this filter element high efficiency in the solid particle retention, turbidez, sediments and color. According to period of training, – filter element the base of Carbomax. – technology of filtration for chemical absorption carried through by the activated coal, that confers to the superior product efficiency, surpassing the majority of the water processors. Its efficiency is contained in the Carbomax, in its formularization, with bacteriosttico agent HK 127 that it inhibits the proliferation of the harmful microorganisms in the interior of the filter element. Third period of training, – presence of the colloidal silver in this third period of training, that has the power to inhibit the bacteria, that is to eliminate them definitively. An important comment: When acquiring a device of water treatment verifies on the quality assurance of the equipment if it is in accordance with norms NBR 14908? Devices for the improvement of quality of the water of the domestic use, Let us attempt against well for the importance of if taking care of of the water in our proper house, with efficient processors, understanding that permanently we keep more than deposited in our body seventy pro one hundred of water that if put into motion 24 hours diluting solutos and interacting with all our cells. The International Water Resources Association? IWRA divulged has some years behind that about eight the eleven million people annually die in this water planet poluda, data the lack of quality control of this liquid (illnesses proceeding from the contamination), (BORSOI; TOWERS, 2003, P. 85), but this index have gone up in recent years. I invite it the article reading new of my authorship, that aims at the welfare of the peoples, mainly to enjoy a happy and healthful life with the family.

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