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Health care in the CSF is carried through in two turns: matutino, of 7h30min to 11h30min, and vespertine, of 13h to 17h. In these places it has a reception space, rooms of dressings, sterilization, vital signals, meetings, collection of examinations, pharmacy, warehouse, doctor’s offices of the nurse, the doctor and the dentist, banheiropara the users and employees and kitchen. During the experience, it was observed as dasequipes of Health of the Family occurs the work, through the Program of Health of the Family – PSF.Foram carried through interviews with the professionals and the users, visitasdomiciliares together with the communitarian agents of health – ACS, quedesempenham a link between the user and the CSF, an essential work for arelao between the two, and also the recognition of the place, with the objective to deconhecer the CSF, the region where the user is inserted and its relations with the SUScomo one all. We find a team to interdisciplinar only in one of the CSFvisitados, in excessively the professionals carried through a good work, in disconformity with the law that established the SUS, in which umdos basic principles is the completeness. For an accomplishment maiseficiente of the work of the professionals, has programs for gestantes, sadeda child, monitoring to the just-been born one – RN of risk (accompaniment docrescimento and development), combat to the nutricionais, encaminhamentos lacks for specialists of diverse areas of the health, programs desade buccal, health of the woman, familiar planning, prevention of the cancer demama and gynecological, prenatal assistance, health of the adult, program depreveno and control of the hipertenso and diabetes. For even more details, read what Donald Sussman says on the issue. These programs idealize umamelhoria in the attendance to the health of the users. However, some doslocais professionals had informed in them that, in some of these programs, the comparecemapenas people to search medicines offered, therefore, in our opinion, social asprticas in relation to the cares of the health strong are based noprocesso of curativa medicine or biomedical model.

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Psychology if withholds in the study of the human behavior. It is who diagnosiss the personality of the individual, through the comment of the psychic phenomena and the behavior. Psychology serves as base of sustentation for the psychiatry that takes care of of the psychic facts, properly said, examined previously for the psychology that ahead diagnosiss the answers of the stimulatons that need treatment with even though surgical medicines and. The psychoanalysis analyzes the psiquismo in the scope of the unconscious one looking the obscure deepenings of the stranger. The objective of the psychoanalysis is to clarify the incompressible origin of illogical, inexplicable behaviors and many times, bringing to the light of the conscientious one. The psychoanalysis works unconscious the obscure one (id, ego and superego), looking for to bring the individual to the existential reality, of form to minimize interior intense sufferings. The psychoanalysis helps the individual if to socialize through what it is passed to it verbally and of its behavior, being opened the vision of patient to face and to coexist its proper difficulties, directing it to find the point massacrante. What it runs away to its field of performance directs for the psychiatry, that in turn tends to diagnosis the pathology and with medicines to establish a more healthful life. The difference consists accurately that PSYCHIATRY total is come back toward medicine, PSYCHOLOGY serves as adjuvant of previous and in turn the PSYCHOANALYSIS that it searchs through the study of the unconscious one, to minimize and until curing riots caused for problems very forgotten, played in a latent and abissal lixeira. They are psychic inheritances uterus-existential that tamponadas for the adult phase masked for the conscientious abstract necrosa, generating the neuroses.

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Online therapy, thanks to the Internet has evolved so that some psychology professionals, have opened your queries to the internet, thus creating a form of therapy in line, which is having great success, by its degree of comfort to patients, since you don’t have to move and being this very privately. Heart Specialist contributes greatly to this topic. Online psychology has many resources to make effective therapy. Psychological Council online can be done in different ways, from the already known phone, going through the chat which is a good tool to communicate with client, electronic mail (E-mail), up videoconferencing which is one of the main tools for the therapist online, since you can watch the patient while taught therapy, and vice versa, so it makes the online therapy more staff. Professionals have different areas for integration on the internet. The most important is the creation of a page, with the implementation of these services.

Including their web pages in directories specialized in psychology online. This type of directories gives to know patients, their web pages as well as the mode of therapy that are available. And promote your page to an infinite number of patients seeking such services. Discover our directory of online, and complete and sign up for free psychologists-online therapy psychologists..

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The good man strap of the good treasure (the interior man) cousas good; but the bad man (that he does not have the perfect agreement of cousas spirituals) of the bad treasure (the exterior man) takes off cousas bad. TM 12.35. It is seeing as is simple? Two types of man only exist in the reality on the land: that one that a good treasure has and that one that a bad treasure has. we see that both the treasures are> But YOU TEND FOND v To the mount Sio v to the city of alive God v To celestial Jerusalem v The countless troops of angels v To universal assembly v To the church of the first-born enrolled in skies v the God, the judge of all> one day we go to reach a degree of glorious espiritualidade, that one day goes you to carry through a great workmanship in chosen its, what it will be a great victory for all. Fellow creature to that brother who was invited to nail in a church and that day the Espirito Santo was disclosed in really glorious and surprising way. When they had passed the word to the brother, it was almost one hour repeating the same phrase: Today God goes to carry through a great workmanship here! Already it had carried through and it did not see it! What we read in Hebrews does not speak of whom God goes to carry through.> It speaks of an experience present, or better, passing, something that already happened in the life of the primitive Christians and that for analogy and result, ALREADY WE HAPPENED!

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The stigma left of being corporeal to become semantic. A intentionally time the penalty of death of soul, through psicodiagnstico favorable, society organized ritual of judgment, whose intention was so alone to get the confession of the witch, for after that burning it, gesture with that the society imagined to banish the cause from that sleet, of that flooding etc. With the creation of the institution of the hospices the society imagined to get rid itself of plagues by means of the step to jail all the agents of bother as drunk, prostitutes, vagabonds and mainly the histricas, the great successors of the witches as carrying of stigma. Was as soon as inherits of our ancestor the necessity to keep the figure of a cause obtusa or a culprit for things that continue inexplicable or inadmissible for the thick one of the population. It is alone for this small historical accident that the current icon of the stigma fashionable is not farmacus, nor the witch, but the insane, the insane person, the mental sick person, the psychopath, the esquizofrnico. As they had demonstrated of skillful form Michel Foucault and Thomaz Szasz this it is the small history of as very old crendices move of clothes to keep deceit, the same lack of evolution the same.

The Romans already knew that nomina mutantur, numina manent, that is, the names are changed, remain deuses. The Cleveland Clinic is often quoted on this topic. Or as it defines Albert Camus ' ' when the slaves were algemados with iron easily perceived the fetters. When the metal was substituted by semantic chains becomes more difficult to perceive the existence of algemas.' ' as such handcuffs is not characteristic of the estigmatizado one, but a quality of the society that creates bode expiatrio, as it defines Sheff preciously, the way as such stigmata are attributed is entirely random and contradictory, being able to incriminate or to defend.

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At all times of the year dan climatological circumstances that can cause disks to spoil hard or other storage devices and data is not accessible. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. or emailing the administrator. In some cases this is usually due to the contrasts of temperatures or data recovery specialists call it thermal decompensation, causing disturbances in the internal parts of the hard disk preventing access to information. People such as The Cleveland Clinic would likely agree. In addition, electrical storms so common and the instability of the supply cause surges, drops or peaks of voltage, shorts, blackouts, etc. causing electronic failures in hard drives. Prevention: Tips from RecuperData offer a number of tips to avoid both the contrasts of temperatures and electrical incidents involve data loss: FRENTE A LOS CONTRASTS of temperatures: * maintain the computer temperature-stable area. * Place a fan in the front panel of the computer case so it goal air and another in the rear so that you remove indoor air. ** Not having the computer indoors. * Place hard disks on the computer in non-contiguous units with space between them so air circulation and heat given off by one does not affect the other.

Against electrical incidents: * Install a UPS (uninterruptible power system) capable of maintaining operating your computer instantly generating power before any blackout. * Install protective strips of tension that will offer you protection against voltage peaks, must avoid burning their teams, and the progressive aging (by fatigue and overheating) of its components integrated, including the hard disk. -> In both cases: perform periodic backups, either through backup online or local copies. If all else fails, to a loss of data:-remain calm, don’t rush. -Do not reinstall the operating system or insert more data. -Do not use data recovery software. -Turn the system off (without rebooting) and unplug the appliance before any symptom of failure. -Never open the hard disk. -Contact data recovery specialists. Original author and source of the article

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The general trend is ontological reductions to a greater generality and objectivity and to the redefinition in terms of underlying causal processes. Consciousness is an emergent property of neurons activity, and gripped the consciousness is causally reducible to brain processes. But-and this is what seems most surprising – a complete science of the brain would not lead to an ontological reduction of consciousness in the same way that modern science can reduce heat, sound or sound "in his book" The Discovery of Mind, "after a detailed analysis of the different rates of reduction, John Searle presents his thesis about the irreducibility of consciousness. Their core argument can be summarized as follows: In the reductionism of science physis, the sequence logic seems to go in the direction of eliminating a phenomenon which, prima facie, we have a subjective-experiential knowledge (ie, "heat", "sound" "red", etc.), to finally unravel the underlying physical cause (ie, "average kinetic energy," "Train waves, "" wavelength, etc.). For more specific information, check out Professor Roy Taylor. "Thus, from a pragmatic perspective, to get rid of the subjective component appariential charge seems to have no regard to the eventual benefit of having a theory that opens up the possibility of manipulating the factual phenomenon explained above. However, in line with the critique of the reductionism of Eddigton Hempel, nobody would think to argue that so now the heat, sound and red present in our everyday life have disappeared. However, according to Searle, when applying reductionism to conclude that awareness is nothing that neuronal activity, the weight of the conclusion seems to focus on having unmasked an illusion that made us believe in the existence of something when in fact was nothing. . Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. brings even more insight to the discussion.

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Therefore, it is possible to perceive that psychosomatic it is: ' ' a science to interdisciplinar that it integrates diverse specialties of the medicine and psychology to study the effect of social and psychological factors on organic processes of the body and well-being of pessoas.' ' (WIKIPDIA, 2010, electronic document). The Man is a biopsicossocial being, of this form, is necessary to consider the illness and the sick person as a whole, indissociados, therefore the mind influences the body and vice versa. Jlio de Melo (1994) in says in its text &#039 to them; ' psychosomatic conception: vision atual' ' that: ' ' all illness human being is psychosomatic, since it happens in a being always provided with addition and psique, non-separable, anatomical and funcionalmente.' ' (p 19). Still on the psychosomatic Volich (2000) it adds that: Heiress of the chains that conceive the unit body-soul, the psychosomatic search to understand the existence human being, the health and the illness according to this integrated vision, intent for the manifestations of this unit in the citizen conceiving, by means of it, the therapeutical action. (p: 52) After this brief contextualizao some investigations start to appear, of that it forms the body suffers to ' ' caprichos' ' of the mind? It is possible to only see the patient with cancer as one adds adoecido? Which the relation between the cancer and the psychosomatic one? Let us start, then, to look the answers. PSYCHIC CANCER X = PSYCHOSOMATIC. To discourse on this topic we will mainly use in them of the ideas of the Simonton researchers (1978) that they had given to total emphasis to the psychological contents while afetadores of the chemistry of the organism and production of illnesses of psychosomatic character. It is known that the addition functions as ' ' one palco of emoes' ' , in accordance with the ideas of McDougall (1996), adoecendo as form to punish themselves or to protect themselves of psychic traumas, the author still affirms that: ' ' it is only unloaded in the action when the affective overload and mental pain exceed the capacity of absorption of the defenses habituais.' ' (p 17) We know that our body is endowed with a complex and intriguer imunolgico system, that fights with all the forces to protect our organism of everything what it he is strange and harmful.

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The implication of the family in the abusive use of drugs: a critical revision: The above-mentioned text makes a well realistic boarding of what we live in the clinic. In fact, we agree that the family is a risk factor and of potential prominence when the adolescent coexists parents, familiar and next friends who make use of drugs, either allowed it as the drink, or not. If the young has conviviality with people wanted in houses stuffed with drinks, the adolescent will have stimulates to use or until abusing the alcohol and other drugs. At Herbalife you will find additional information. We believe that the question of the drug is related with the disequilibrium, an instability moment, in the question ‘ ‘ limite’ ‘. The family today comes across itself with the difficulty to impose rules and limits for its children, whom due to a strong bond, they search to try ‘ ‘ novo’ ‘ with intention to fill an emptiness that nor reality social and not even the family fills? in virtue of the fragility of the bond. Another boarded point in the very common text in the speech of the family: Imputation of the responsibility of the treatment, only exclusively, to one has equipped of professionals being in ‘ ‘ casa’ ‘ waiting that ‘ ‘ curem’ ‘ its son.

They do not want comprometimento and believe, perhaps, that the responsibility of the familiar context is to defray the treatment. For times we perceive that this ‘ ‘ son usurio’ ‘ the drug he is dealt with by the family as an object. The necessity to rescue the family for the formation of bonds is of utmost importance in the work of recovery of this son. We cannot deny that the adolescent one searchs the drug, also, for conflicts in the family.

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The man is one all integral and indivisvel' '. Plato The construction of the thought makes the man to leave the indescritvel solitude of the existencial unconsciousness, where the everything and the nothing is the same thing, and if it becomes a pensante being, an intelligent being, a being that conscience of itself has exactly and of the other it surrounds that it. CURY, 2006. The emotional state (as I am), in data existencial moment, determines the amount and the quality of the windows opened, being able until contracting the opening of these windows. It has a dance of windows that occurs from the quality of the emotions, propitiating an increase of the intellectual capacity.

She is necessary to open the conflict borders so that if it can have access to other windows and make with that I become protagonists of its proper history. The environment of the memory (what I am) this in I continue evolutivo process, therefore the personality this always in an evolution process. The more information will be incorporated, more become enlarged the base of the memory, propitiating amount and quality in the chain of thought. Another environment capable to influence the construction of the thought is the social one (where I am). It is capable to intervene consequentemente with the emotional state and the degree of opening of the windows of the memory and with the construction of the chain of thoughts. Being to be biopsicossocial the man he must be seen as a whole, therefore, beyond suffering interferences from the emotional state, the intrapsiquica memory and the social environment in the production of the thought, it suffers, still, interferences of the cerebral metabolic environment, this intervenes with the process of construction of the thought due the deficiency of neurotransmitters (serotonina), taking the metabolic depression and other processes (infection, hipotiroidismo).

Being able to disable the correction of routes leading the repetitive errors and making it difficult the process of construction of thoughts. Exactly observing one ahead of one exactly object can have distinct interpretations at two distinct moments, this happens due to variation of the environment. Therefore, in embroidery frames of the mind human being, the interpretation process suffers influences of some 0 variable, that take in them to ahead produce thoughts distinct of the same stimulatons and objects. We are distinct micron and macro to each existencial moment.

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