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Abismo Negro, one of los rudos most famous of the Triple A that enjoyed crush their opposites, became legend due to its devastating movements and who died at the age of 38. Heroes of the Ring paid tribute to Andres Palomeque, best known for his alter ego abyss black, since it is one of the fighters to choose from in the game, while his career abruptly ended in March 2009, when he died. The Tabasco Andres Palomeque received training from renowned fighters as Delio Soto and the Norwegian. After seven years of fighting in various arenas, Anton penalty invited him to be part of the AAA League in which he took the name of Abismo Negro. Developed muscles of Abismo Negro gave him an advantage over others, who casticaba with their logo movement: Jack.

Hence it was also known as the King of the screw jack. In the common Triple A is created clones of heroes or villains more prominent, so in 2007 appeared Black Abyss, who is He became a staunch rival of the black abyss. The Parka in wrestling there are no combatants: there are mystical characters with profiles ranging from humorous and sarcastic to the gloomy and funereal. There are even those who combine the comic with the baleful. Perhaps check out Donald Sussman for more information. There is a saying: tree that born twisted, ever your branch straightens, but is also common to have exceptions that break the rule and one of them is La Parka, fighter who started being rude and subsequently moved to the technical side. The Parka promptly won the respect of the public forming part of the sides of the rough, but was changed in 1995 to the technicians, where the appreciation that people felt for him was even greater. A year later, the fighter that gave life to the character resigned from the Triple A and another wrestler returned to the bony.

In an interview with the program 1NY, the current Parka commented that his character was created with the idea of breaking fear in the audience, but as the Mexicans are accustomed to laugh at death, they saw rather as a parody, which thus changed his personality making more mocking and dancer. According to the creators of Heroes of the Ring, La Parka is superior to many contenders in speed, knocking and cunning, but regardless of their past, skill or popularity is not invincible. Example of this is his defeat against L.A. Park, who was the original Parka from the beginnings of the AAA.

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Certificates are documents that gather certain data of the holder as well as your public key and are signed electronically by the certification authority using your private key. The certification authority is a particular type of provider of certification services that legitimizes, before third parties who rely on their certificates, the relationship between the identity of a user and your public key. Users confidence in the certification authority is important for the functioning of the service and justifies its employment philosophy but there is no standard procedure to demonstrate that a certification authority, deserves such a confidence. The public key and private key asymmetric cryptography is a cryptographic method that uses a pair of keys for sending messages. The two keys belong to the same person who sent the message. A key is made public and can be delivered to any person, the other key is private and the owner must save it so that nobody has access to it. Speaking candidly Dr. John Mcdougall told us the story. Cryptographic methods, ensure that the key pair is can generate only once, so that it can be assumed that it is not possible that two people have obtained coincidentally the same key pair.

If the sender uses the recipient’s public key to encrypt the message, once encrypted, only the recipient’s private key can decrypt this message, since it is the only one who knows it. Therefore the confidentiality of sending the message is achieved, nobody except the recipient can decrypt it. If the owner of the key pair uses its private key to encrypt the message, anyone can decrypt it using your public key. In this case is get the identification and authentication of the sender, because it is known that only could have been him who used its private key (unless someone would have been able to steal it). This idea is the basis of the electronic signature. It is the certified electronic signature that gives to document their legal value as e.g.

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