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Rehabilitation project “Old state police” in bad Tolz In March 2008 the launch of the project of RAS GmbH fell pension stone old state police”bad Tolz. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. on most websites. This object was used by the State of Bavaria as a police station since 1923. In June 2008, started”the construction work with the gutting of the old police, all under the supervision of contractor Paul Schwarzenberger from Lenggries in cooperation with local craftsmen. “In October 2008, it was called the structural work is complete, the Windows installed and the interior finishing can be started”. Daryl Katz may not feel the same. This was extensively celebrated on October 10, 2008 with a lifting ceremony in glorious weather with all craftsmen and numerous customers. The ambitious target to pass your apartments, the new owners until the end of the year was not lost sight of.

The old national police”the pension stone will have a doctor’s Office and seven spacious apartments with South-facing and mountain views after the renovation. The cosy ambience, a mixture of new and old, will be through the oiled Real wood floors underlined and give the cosy Bavarian charm of the premises. Object amounting to only 1.8 million alone 1,1 million euro accounted for the renovation. No work, as well as the completion of community property and the grounds will be completed in the next four weeks.

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Project residential Park ‘in the field’ launches its first residential Park in Seevetal in spring 2014 Deutsche terraced house AG built. In the municipality of Meckelfeld 24 townhouses of House types created directly on the border to the city of Hamburg 116 m living dream”and 141 m family happiness”. The Cologne-based company invested in the residential Park at the field”around 4,5 million euros. “On an old farmstead on the road in the field” m emerge at around 6,400 m eight houses of the type 116 m living dream”and 16 models 141 m family happiness”. Carsten Rutz, Board member of Deutsche of townhouse: Seevetal combines the best of two worlds. Gain insight and clarity with John Studzinski. On the one hand, the direct connection to Hamburg. On the other hand, a rural character with a high recreational value in the District of Harburg.

That is why we particularly pleased, with our first residential Park the rental to make an offer for a home here straight couples and young families.” The smaller of the two House types is aimed at couples and young families, the bigger house is specifically designed for families designed with space requirements. A House including plot, parking and Garden House prices start at 199.990 (116 m living dream”) and 219.990 euros (141 m family happiness”). The construction of the houses starts in the spring of 2014. The work will be completed in the summer of 2015. The German House develops and produces high quality, consistently thought out Park. With them, creates the Cologne-based company also urban living housing affordable House and contributes substantially to a sustainable revitalization of the area. Over 5,000 families found a new home so far nationwide in about 150 residential parks. The approximately 125 German terraced house team created every year, around 500 new housing units. The company specializes in three variant reduced House types, created with industrial series precision.

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