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The only criterion for selection in the college is successful completion of VLEK (medical certificate of fitness), net Such commissions in Kazakhstan still exists on the basis of structural units in Astana, Almaty, Aktobe and Shymkent. Permission from a rather formal Gosavianadzor event for people with higher technical training. Because the school is a private company, so far all the services it provides at its own expense coming, until the state grants to school there, although some airlines give credit for such training, but then it will need to "work out" for three years. Work after graduating from college, too, there is no guarantee, but useful tips on how and where you can successfully get a job upon its completion and how to effectively continue follow-up study. The production base is ample School, classrooms are equipped, the pace of training intense, but not tiring. Dorm rooms are comfortable, for two persons, by modern standards quite cheap. The production process consists of theoretical classes, excursions to peremezhivayuschihsya operating aircraft.

Graduation Program: 12 hours on the simulator and the An-2 flight program 16 hours of practical flight on an airplane AN-2. Upon successful completion of Certificate is issued and the license is CPL (Commercial Pilot License). Of course, with a touch of 16 hours is difficult to get into any "decent" airline operates a modern aircraft, but aerial chemical works such pilots as long as claimed, was originally assumed that the school will prepare "chemists" as material and technical basis and methodology used in the school do not yet allow Pilots prepare an international level. Currently, in my view, the process of "redistribution of property" school. School, as well as a similar form of ownership in the company "Berkut-ZK", organized ex- head of the airline, respectively, with "blurred" face between private enterprises and the actual base airline, having been a joint-stock form of government that allows, at first glance, legitimate way to use existing production base and personnel airline as a whole, the commercial subsidiary, but a purely private enterprise.

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The drugged with natural substances and therefore known as a traditional legacy. In this way the person does not easily resisted and was taken to the place of sacrifice. Where I drew the heart, still alive. And other practices that demanded their rituals, the important thing was the shedding of blood a lot, only then would please their gods and help them in every way. Practices that for other societies and their beliefs. Did not manifest a sensible element, which is why they followed them to the point of declaring them a faith through the sword. Both these people, and their persecutors, they would question a lot. But insatiable in their thirst, they had come for our blood.

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo five beliefs have been with us always. Some believe strongly in science and make it their god, since they take as a reference point, that belief. This gives them a more solid knowledge about the origin of life. and this is not enough, they form a faith that allows them to in their view, understanding the evolution of man and the future steps it will take. Others place their faith in an unlimited number of religions. Some these vicious and evil, or perhaps serves as a pretext to kill right and left. In any case, the belief can lead to a people, a tribe or a nation kills its own people. We should not marvel too at the sight of the Athenians put to death the generals who, after a victory at sea, they had forgotten to bury the dead.

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