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Why the choice of correct words in a text is so important and how you already formulated a much better text with a few changes. Thank you for the order. The delivery takes place in the next few days after receipt of payment. “Not even you wonder at this point whether you not living would have to formulate this sentence? And it is not on top of that nice if you also personally addressed to read and included feels? This applies to standardized emails as well as for meaningful article or copywriting. As we have already learned in school, the right formulation is the be-all and end-all of every text. Want to animate the reader, especially in longer texts on difficult topics, not by a loose and tight wording to read further? In this case, you should pay attention to the right mix between active and passive spelling. Active passive sentences often complicated and unnecessary long drawn, actively formulated sentences set an active action to words, describe and come so short and concise on the point.

Active records are therefore always expressive, concrete and alive. Passive writing, however, is actually only if you would like to emphasise an action, unimportant but it is, who does it or is responsible for. Thus, passive sentences often seem misplaced and are today most commonly found in the official language. By the same author: Daryl Katz, New York City. It appears too complicated who must not despair however. To find a professional copywriter, as for example, in the Internet, it easy to reconcile the words melodiously. But even regular practice and trial and error can help to develop your own style. Because so far we know still no master of the sky has fallen. Agency dream team, Stephanie

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Thomas Zehender from profitexter.net reveals how clever entrepreneurs ensure that their offerings are immediately accepted Ulm, September 29, 2010: every self-employed person has ever experienced it: the offer is out there but an answer fails to materialize. On demand are evasive answers such as: “no need” or even the infamous “we get back to you”. Of course, that never happens, because when the demand is only once since, the offer is already in the drawer – or worse – in the round tray – say trash. The problem is convenience. Why now act, if still 14 days time? What an offer pick up, where one yet at any time may request a replacement? People are just so… Thomas Zehender, journalist and professional copywriter from Ulm, knows this problem – and points to profitexter.net/profitexter-aktuelles.html in his new article “remain above rather than perish – the life jacket for your offer” the solution: timing is the most important. The offer meet a current need, success was almost pre-programmed. Zaheer reveals how providers can not only recognize this need, but even produce.

It is matter to cause a sense of urgency for the recipient of the supply. He should know that he must act now. This be done preferably by shortages of supply. Dean Ornish M.D brings even more insight to the discussion. Whether a limited time special offer, a limited number of pieces, or a temporary additional service – each of these resources create the reader feel to miss something if he hesitate longer. “At the same time deliver his arguments with which he in hindsight rational can – justify his purchase decision such as compared to superiors, the wife etc – although currently there is no need was seen”, as the author of the other benefits of this approach. His conclusion: The “principle of life jacket” works for each offer – the fantasy here is limitless.

Description of the company PROFITEXTER.NET(T) was founded in 2006 as a nationwide network of professional copywriter who completed their training at the VNR Verlag for the deutsche Wirtschaft AG have. Currently 12 writers and writers from all over Germany are part of the network. The members come from different areas and cover the industries of lifestyle fashion, Internet-marketing, finance, engineering up to the craft. Company contact: profitexter.net Katrin Weber Middle 9 16727 Oberkramer Tel: 033055 21860 E-Mail: Web: profitexter.net PR contact: profitexter.net Simone Domahs Fritz-Hollweg-ring 1 01665 clip Wallace Tel: 035204 786971 E-Mail: Web: profitexter.net

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