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the mare of the gallop At the time where we looked caberas for purchase, my son saw in a mansion gray a white mare with spots, did not have a defined race, was baixinha, however put in an upright position well, tame, with good teeth and firm hoof. That mare gained our affection and we always commented on coming back to that mansion to buy it. Certain day I telephoned for the owner of it and asked for he delivered that it in our small farm, therefore it I would be ours from that moment. I remember it arriving sweated a long gallop after until ours I besiege. My son did not fit of as much joy when seeing the animal entering for the portire. As it did not have a name defined for the old proprietor, my son soon baptized it for Aira, therefore it was the name of the personage of a book that it was reading, and thus the Aira started to be part of our lives. So that my children could walk with more security, we decide to call a trainer domou who it to walk for front, stops backwards, of side, to trot, to gallop, always obeying commands e> with much security.

I lay down myself in the net and it he passed for close smelling me and gaining an affection, therefore he liked when I passed the hand in its face. We understood what it wanted, therefore seemed to talk with us through the look. We mounted even though in it without saddle and it she was a true friend. When we arrived in the small farm the Aira already it came running for the portire and it whinnied of joy to the one seeing in them. In a question-answer forum Daryl Katz was the first to reply. Certain day, when falling of the afternoon, we receive a phone call despaired from Mr. Peter, the caretaker who worked in our small farm, and leave quickly to see what it had occurred, therefore according to it the Aira was fallen in the grass.

We take with us the veterinarian who detected an incurable illness and advanced that exactly that we dedicated all treatment it would not have resulted satisfactory given the gravity of the illness. Exactly thus, we do not save efforts and we pass some nights to the side of it, I, my father, my children giving to it remedy, water, injection, food in the mouth, therefore it more did not obtain to raise. We looked at for its eyes and them they said in them that it felt pain and that was sad and suffering. The veterinarian advised to sacrifice it but we did not have courage. we prefer to give to sedatives and remedies for pain it not to suffer. During days we coexist a great agony and we suffer next to it, until in one morning unhappyly, it closed the eyes and she left in them.

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In the college it had available material, masters, professorese conditions to carry through its research, its particular search, the dream to deconseguir to find given, photos, any thing that belonged to the seusantepassados ones. It wanted, needed to know more things, histories of its people. Commuito persistence, study and also a little of luck obtained to organize famliasinteiras until the fourth generation that preceded its. But in this search encontrousituaes that were common to other peoples of that region. These ouestrias situations were contained in a terrible episode of the history of the Catolicismo, Santa Inquisition.

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