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One more of the senses of the man he is indeed the one of the beauty. Their perception and search comprise of the human condition. In order to be developed it needs the access to the knowledge, which was denied historically our towns to him. This lack does not mean to kill the aesthetic sense. This it survives through oral story and of the many resources of I devise popular and looks for ways to pronounce itself.

Everything what naturally loses in the forms, is replaced by the forcefulness of its content. This phenomenon sees content in the folklore that nests in the foundation of the towns. The artist, has a commitment with the society, its conflicts and aspirations. Others including John Studzinski, offer their opinions as well. Its work must take roots in the authenticity than his time it transmits to him and what it feels. The culture to which it responds must be reflected in which it writes or what it produces.

The condition of creator without becoming position cannot be assumed of it. To be artist, intellectual is not a social condition, is commitment. Most sacred of the art it is to be faithful to those values that underlie in the most intimate of each creator art is true if it is not sold to fashions, if he is testimonial without being panfletario. If it is born from the deep commotion that the reality generates in the artist. The will and brings back to consciousness of the towns in each historical stage, solves, for or or evil, the cultural expression that corresponds to him and represents. The artist assimilates, translates and synthesizes that reality that shares for being it leaves from that town. Its creative task, must attest and to carry out the changes that their time and his bring back to consciousness they protest. It must assume the roll of insobornable and transforming witness than it exposes through its work. Its way and its language are the beauty original Author and source of the article.

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According to Secretary General of the CSI, Guy Ryder, the discrimination in the work is one of the main forms of racial discrimination. While the unions fight by the decent work for all, the migrant workers are with too much frequency victims of the discrimination. Italy has been recently scene of extremely violent incidents against migrant workers, in particular in the city of Rosarno, clear indicative of the increasing xenophobia and racist tendencies that persist in certain parts of Europe. " The situation of these workers in Italy and the abuse, the discrimination and the operation are an alarming reminder of which racism continues being an evil generalizado" , it declared says in addition, that racism, the discrimination and the xenophobia allow in addition that the slavery persists in Western Africa, where determined chaste they continue being enslaved by its traditional masters and gentlemen, and where new variants, as the work in conditions of servitude deals with and it people, propagate quickly because of the uninhibited globalisation The smaller doubt does not fit says, that the economic crisis continues being very destructive in terms of use. The respect by the diversity in the work place is essential, mainly when in the society prevail considerable breaches, as it is the discrimination in the world of the work. /www.lahaine.org comments, that At the moment great part of the western population thinks that racism is a phenomenon of the past. It is certain that the most explicit and aggressive forms of racism today are made precise and massively rejected, but is it also that today racism persists of smoother and imperceptible way in its formal aspects, although not in its consequences.

The marginalization in the work, the house, the school, the segregation and social exclusion really which frequently they are seen put under the ethnic minorities, corresponds to a society that practices still certain forms of racism comments to us. Neither racism nor the xenophobia began with the facist regimes, nor finished with the end of the South African laws of apartheid. They have only changed the ways, the appearances. Today they remain concealed, protected in " needs prcticas" , and not only by means of the segregacionistas laws of extranjera or discriminatorias norms of " integracin" , but, first of all, through the imposition of economic, social, cultural and political neocolonialism to the towns of origin of these immigrants. Original author and source of the article.

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Example: And djame dying I do not know what that is stammering (San Juan de la Cruz, Spiritual Song, century XVI) 9. Elipsis consisting of literary Figure the deliberate omission of some part of the text. Figure of construction, that consists of omitting in oration one or more words, necessary for the straight grammar construction, but not so that it is clear sense (SAR, 1992). 10. The University of Chicagos opinions are not widely known. Enjambment Is a poetic effect that consists of cutting an unfinished phrase at the end of the verse, and to continue it in the following verse.

Two types exist: the smooth enjambment (in that as soon as the unit of the phrase when cutting it is broken) and abrupt or the steep one (in which it is let feel that cut violently). When the steep enjambment occupies three syllables less or, braquistiquio is denominated, and serves to emphasize or to emphasize the meaning of an expression between two strong pauses. Example: Well like the knotted holm oak, in stop risco lopped with powerful axe of being broken delhierro, returns rich and made an effort (Fray Luis of Leon, century XVI) 11. Epanadiplosis Consiste of repeating, to the aim of a verse, clause or phrase, the same word with which begins: I want verte and tenerte eternally, I want With you to be fused in the forgetfulness and to disappear with you, Only that I want, nothing else, only. 12. Epteto the epteto or ornamental adjective is that one that is placed habitually before the noun to which it describes and it express an own quality or inherent to this or intrinsically ligature to him, so that he is ornamental, it does not add any information and the noun meaning of or redundancy is perceived rather like a species of intensification of (tame lamb, fierce lion). It is a Renaissance resource of strictly literary use and as they used it to Garcilaso like expression of his platonic idealismo, with the intention to create an artistic reality superior to the mere reality: Green meadow of fresh full shade (Garcilaso of the Fertile valley, century XVI) the adjective phrases and the appositions is used sometimes like eptetos, for example, the used ones frequently in Homeric poems.

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Nowadays, many people concentrate in the external aspects of the religion, their rites, forms and rules, without in many cases is really a deeper sense in all this, or the attainment of a spiritual objective. In different religions there are thousands of people who consider themselves very religious for that reason. They are like celotas of times of Jesus, trims in his small world of forms bottomless, condemning in his minds (and their social life) to which does not square in his religious scheme. They separate the religions to us? It turns out useful to have a belief that the one says that only this one religion is the true one, takes that us to the salvation or a paradise while the rest of poor souls that follow a tradition different loses for always? The individuality is advisable while we grow, but not when we become majors. Like humanity, we are growing, and our unique option of survival is in a mature and adult society.

Our next evolutionary step. As humanity we are now in a while evolutionary very important individual and. The life we know as it is not sustainable. The landlords that served before not them to us we can use more. We must reconsider all the aspects of the life under a different prism. No longer one is about individual survival nor competition.

One is to believe and to prosper like society to be able to reach all our potential like individuals. We must live in synergy and not in competition. It is hour to return the glance to the model more perfect than we have close: the human body and its cells. If we anywhere have a tumor of the body, it affects all the body, and in this way the health of the individual, because all form a unit. The cells of the body can work optimally only in an organization in excellent health state, and vice versa.

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To know the wonders geographic Venezuela To travel to Venezuela to know one the most built-up countries of South America, as well as one of the diverse lands of all the earth and disfrutarde the ice glory of majestic glaciers and blue waters of the Caribbean. Venezuela is well-known mainly by its geographic wonders and their landscape. The Lake of Maracaibo is the greater natural lake of all South America. Possibly the second oldest one, with 36 million years. The lake of Maracaibo is accessible from the coast of the Caribbean through Gulf of Venezuela. Also it is worth the pain to visit (the city of century 16) Maracaibo in the North border. If you take a flight or bus to Ayacucho Port, you can enter the amazonian forest in just a short time.

One of the more famous tourist destinies of Venezuela is Jump Angel, the highest cascade of the world, the fall is of 3,211 meters in the Tube of the Devil (16 times the height of the Cataracts of the Nigara). For one it ventures tropical with more serenity, you can take to a boat until the Archipelago the Roques, a national park with the greatest extension of islands uninhabited of the Caribbean. Their intact beaches and their marine fauna, will make you enjoy a wonderful trip the best climate of all the Caribbean. The urban center of Venezuela exciting and is animated, full of culture and pastime. The Architecture in the cities like Caracas, is inspired by the indigenous tribes, Spanish colonialism and the design of African. Finally, Barquisimeto is a place very frequented by travelling and village, with discotheques and bars and a great amount of coffees and boutiques. You do not forget, when you reserve your ticket from airplane to Venezuela, conscious being of the time of arrival, since like tourist, it is not recommended to travel at night in taxi, bus or vehicle of rent, especially between Caracas and the airport international. To travel to Venezuela original Author and source of the article.

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