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The Test of Zulliger is a technique of psicodiagnstico that arises in order to obtain, by means of three laminae, comparable data to the provided ones by the Rorschach in a much smaller time as much for the administration as for the evaluation. Although the reduced amount of laminae is a determining factor in smaller time than it is required to reach the results, he is doubtless that by means of the Rorschach will obtain a protocol that will contribute a greater amplitude in the resulting conclusions of the analysis. Douglas Elliman contains valuable tech resources. In spite of it, the Zulliger is an interesting technique for the founding of the data collected from the clinical evaluation, since by means of the analysis of the answers provided to the set of laminae the aspects of the personality will be able to be described with a suitable sustenance that are from relevance in a psychological expertise. Thus it is that Lamina I of the Zulliger provides data to us that correspond with Laminae I, IV, V, I SAW and VII of the Rorschach. Lamina II of the Zulliger corresponds with the VIII, IX and X of the Rorschach. Lamina III of the Zulliger corresponds with the II and III of the Rorschach.

This way, in the cases in that according to the skill points on which the opinion is required, it is necessary to describe aspects related to the dynamics of the personality of the examined one, it can be of great importance of including the Zulliger within the battery of psicodiagnstico techniques. Results obtained by the same methods of classification and evaluation that are used in the Rorschach (as the system of Klopfer) grants an additional consistency to the conclusions and hardly they can try to be questioned by the opposite without a specialized advising. Our professional action in the forensic scope requires the elaboration of a strategy and a sufficient amplitude for the election of the resources that can be used in the founding of an opinion. In previous notes I indicated that the causes by professional responsibility (bad praxis) are generally those in which the selection of the psicodiagnstico techniques can be decisive element due to the particularitities and technicalities with which the interests of the demanded ones and mentioning in guarantee are defended. Original author and source of the article.

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You feel that you have tried of everything to become thin and nothing works to you? You think that you are arranged to try any thing to lower of weight? If you are thinking about using amphetamines to become thin, pinsalo again! The amphetamines have an interesting antecedent. They were very popular during the years " 50, " 60 and " 70, since they were " medicamento" accessible without medical prescription that it had not only properties energetics, but the capacity to make the individual lose the appetite, forcing it to lower of weight of accelerated form and carries far. It is necessary to clarify that All the amphetamines are synthetic drugs, without concerning the amount in which they interfere, are highly addictive. Several types of amphetamines, some examples exist: the Dexidrina (dextroanfetamina) is the one of that they can be prescribed by doctors, or metilanfetamina (well-known only like metanfetamina). Anyone of them causes the same stimulating effect in the central nervous system, getting to bring about psicticos symptoms (hallucinations, for example). This cause damage in the brain, damaging permanently areas of the weave in which the motivation, sense of reward and behavior are involved, reason why once your body begins " to need them for funcionar" , all these areas of your life are affected, for example, losing the control on your humor and your reactions before estresantes situations. This is the main reason for which the amphetamines to become thin are not a good idea. The tablets to become thin that they contained amphetamines were retired of the market due indeed to the physiological damages and the addiction that they cause and little the safe thing that they are, among other things, mainly increase the heart rate and the sanguineous pressure, which can be extremely detrimental, in people who suffer of obesity and they already present/display tendencies to suffer diseases of the heart, reason why the amphetamines can be even lethal.

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Note of the Publisher: the financial crisis seems not to have dice to him truce to Bernanke. Nor so far will occur it. Majors cuts of rates in the horizon and inflationary pressures already installed, will cause that the macroeconomic situation is more difficult to solve than the hoped thing by the EDF. are many factors in game at the same time we see Me can send its commentaries a: Contina the Effect Dominated in the EE.UU. Buenos Aires, Argentina 11 of March of 2008 the effects of the crisis of the market of mortgages prevails in the EE.UU are continued happening as if they were pieces of dominated that they continue falling.

The cuts of rates have not been able not even to avoid that the liquidity needs stop. Quite the opposite, is continued multiplying. What it is more and more in evidence is that the policy of rates by a time more does not go to manage to have positive effects on the reactivation of the American economy. The prize consolation by which Bernanke goes is to avoid that the situation still more worsens To the bad news on the health of American economy that comes happening and, that the past Friday gave account of the major fallen in the use level from the 2003, now is necessary to add a new outbreak to him of the problems of liquidity in the financial system. The financial markets in the EE.UU are demonstrating new tensions that are reflected in the extension in spreads in the market of interbank credit and new pressures in the debt market industralist of short term endorsed by assets. In order to take care of this problem, that threatens worsening, Bernanke had to leave to increase of original US$ 60,000 to, until at the moment, US$ 100,000 million, its bottoms in the auctions upon maturity and at the same time it had to give to major security in the continuity of the cut policy of rates to avoid a greater uncertainty.

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To know the wonders geographic Venezuela To travel to Venezuela to know one the most built-up countries of South America, as well as one of the diverse lands of all the earth and disfrutarde the ice glory of majestic glaciers and blue waters of the Caribbean. Venezuela is well-known mainly by its geographic wonders and their landscape. The Lake of Maracaibo is the greater natural lake of all South America. Possibly the second oldest one, with 36 million years. The lake of Maracaibo is accessible from the coast of the Caribbean through Gulf of Venezuela. Also it is worth the pain to visit (the city of century 16) Maracaibo in the North border. If you take a flight or bus to Ayacucho Port, you can enter the amazonian forest in just a short time.

One of the more famous tourist destinies of Venezuela is Jump Angel, the highest cascade of the world, the fall is of 3,211 meters in the Tube of the Devil (16 times the height of the Cataracts of the Nigara). For one it ventures tropical with more serenity, you can take to a boat until the Archipelago the Roques, a national park with the greatest extension of islands uninhabited of the Caribbean. Their intact beaches and their marine fauna, will make you enjoy a wonderful trip the best climate of all the Caribbean. The urban center of Venezuela exciting and is animated, full of culture and pastime. The Architecture in the cities like Caracas, is inspired by the indigenous tribes, Spanish colonialism and the design of African. Finally, Barquisimeto is a place very frequented by travelling and village, with discotheques and bars and a great amount of coffees and boutiques. You do not forget, when you reserve your ticket from airplane to Venezuela, conscious being of the time of arrival, since like tourist, it is not recommended to travel at night in taxi, bus or vehicle of rent, especially between Caracas and the airport international. To travel to Venezuela original Author and source of the article.

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