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Nothing encouraged to feed the cat: fish of any kind, pork, oats, any food from our table – fried, boiled, with salt and spices, canned goods, widely advertised low-quality forage (Whiskas, Kitiket). John Studzinski has much experience in this field. Why the above Do not feed the cat: Fish – and nutrient-poor and unnatural for cats in the wild they have virtually no opportunities to fish, many cats and more cats permanently or part-feeding fish, particularly pollock, anchovies, herring, capelin, disrupt metabolism and cause urolithiasis (IBC), whose consequences can be very sad. If you really really want to treat a cat fish, better to take the sea, noble species, no cooking and treat no more than once a week. Pork – a very fatty meat, it is difficult to digest, provides a greater load on the liver and frequent feeding (and sometimes at once, if the liver is weak) can cause liver disease. Except addition, raw pork more often than in other kinds of meat can occur worm eggs. Hercules – may cause disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism during overfeeding – fatty liver. Carbohydrate metabolism lead to skin diseases, allergic reactions.

Food from our table, canned food, sweets, etc. – Cats can have various strange tastes, but do not pander to them, the principle of 'just eats – hence must be' applicable to the animal just enough as applied to humans. Excess salt, spices, preservatives, etc. can lead to diseases of the stomach, liver, kidneys and digestive disorders. Think about whether the cat-minute joy of a long piece of smoked sausage health problems.

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