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Rehearsal. If you prepare for any event, honing his behavior, it is called practice. If you mentally scroll through all of his speech, then it is called rehearsal. Do you practice in mind. Fortunately, the train the mind can be anywhere, and such training as effective as real. However, mental rehearsal with visual results should be held in detail, every step of the action, the word should be represented. The more vivid and believable get the picture, the better the result.

Will be even more effective if you present complex moments, events that can not go wrong as we would like, and how you will successfully deal with them. Examples. Rehearsal of the presentations, where you scroll in your mind everything that you say, how do you tell how you look and what you do, if, for example, the projector will not work. Or meeting with an angry customer, you are ready, imagine his behavior and think through their own answers. Honing skills. Any visualization and rehearsal in the world can not help you if you do not know what will you do first. Need to hone their skills and seek to develop further, if you want to improve.

You have to learn to read a lot, communicate with other managers about how they do it, go to all sorts of training, ask the subordinates. And most importantly, reflect on what you saw, heard and learned, even if you are in the shower or going to work. Focus. There is one thing that stands out among the other Olympic athletes – is the ability to focus on his lesson, and disconnect from the rest. When faced with a difficult question, you need to make other thoughts scored his head. Some of it is under a psychological basis, which is very difficult to learn. Part – is learning how to govern themselves. If you run into a problem, make sure that you are not in their training because of this. Focusing can be explored on the psychological disciplines, such as meditation, Tai Ji or martial arts. The study of relaxation techniques will also help you in the ability to focus. Summary. May seem that these techniques should refer mainly to the less experienced managers, but they are equally important for those with very rich experience. There is a trend that after a while people stop develop and learn something. When this happens, a successful manager can be successful. Consciously applying these techniques, you will begin to approach the highest level of productivity in any work, and increase the duration of their managerial effectiveness.

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