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Nowadays, many people concentrate in the external aspects of the religion, their rites, forms and rules, without in many cases is really a deeper sense in all this, or the attainment of a spiritual objective. In different religions there are thousands of people who consider themselves very religious for that reason. They are like celotas of times of Jesus, trims in his small world of forms bottomless, condemning in his minds (and their social life) to which does not square in his religious scheme. They separate the religions to us? It turns out useful to have a belief that the one says that only this one religion is the true one, takes that us to the salvation or a paradise while the rest of poor souls that follow a tradition different loses for always? The individuality is advisable while we grow, but not when we become majors. Like humanity, we are growing, and our unique option of survival is in a mature and adult society.

Our next evolutionary step. As humanity we are now in a while evolutionary very important individual and. The life we know as it is not sustainable. The landlords that served before not them to us we can use more. We must reconsider all the aspects of the life under a different prism. No longer one is about individual survival nor competition.

One is to believe and to prosper like society to be able to reach all our potential like individuals. We must live in synergy and not in competition. It is hour to return the glance to the model more perfect than we have close: the human body and its cells. If we anywhere have a tumor of the body, it affects all the body, and in this way the health of the individual, because all form a unit. The cells of the body can work optimally only in an organization in excellent health state, and vice versa.

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