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A test is successful if it discovers a hitherto undetected error. 1.2 Objectives of Testing Find and document defects affecting the quality of software. Validate that the software works as designed. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. contributes greatly to this topic. Validate and test the requirements to be met by software. Validate that the requirements were implemented correctly Verify the interaction of components. Check the appropriate integration of components. Verify that all requirements have been implemented correctly. Recently Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. sought to clarify these questions. Identify and ensure that the defects found were corrected before releasing the software to the customer.

Design tests that consistently bring to light different kinds of errors, so with the least amount of time and effort. (2) 1.3 Classification and application of tests When you start work on a specific software is necessary to conduct various tests to ensure good quality in it and thus achieve the least amount of mistakes. That is why the tests are classified into two groups, since any application can be tested under the following schemes: 1) Knowing the product function (program), show that this function is wrong. This case is made on the interfaces and is called BLACK BOX TEST. 2) Show that the internal operation of the module conforms to the specifications and internal components are good, (this test developed based on the logical paths of the module, called WHITE BOX TEST). The latter is the test that best reveals the difficulties. White box testing: examine the internal structure of the program. Test cases are designed to examine the program logic.

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