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To all the colleagues of group, of which I will feel homesicknesses, for the friendship, exchange of knowledge, loyalty and complicity throughout the course. The Lusa, for its example as person and person who orientates, that helped me in the aiming of this work, with affection, incentive and promptitude to guide me, trusting my capacity. To the parents whom they had accepted to participate of this research, showing promptitude and pleasure in helping. The controlling of NADEF and ADAF for becoming possible the accomplishment of this work, I thank for the receptividade and support. To that, direct or they had indirectly helped in the accomplishment of this work, sharing of the joys and occured sadnesses in this period, and that they had been constant incentivadores for its concretion.

My perpetual gratefulness! Summary the labiopalatinas fictions are the most common skull-face congenital deformities, characterized for the interruption of the fusing of fabrics of the lips, superior alveolar rim and hard palato and soft palato during the embryonic period. When entering in the school the child it acquires many types of learning, but the expectation biggest is related to the learning of the reading and from the writing, children who present labiopalatina fiction can suffer discrimination for the face deformity and for the alterations of she says and to voice generating limits and difficulties in the development of the verbal communication and writing. The objective of this study was to identify through the story of the parents the presence of difficulties of learning in individuals with labiopalatina fiction in alfabetizao phase and to establish a possible relation between the joined deformity and difficulties. The used methodology was the elaboration of a composed questionnaire for 13 questions, applied the parents of 11 children with labiopalatina fiction who are attending a course the initial series of basic education. The results had demonstrated that the parents of 5 (45.4%) children with fiction had told to exist complaints of the professors how much the difficulty in the pertaining to school performance of its children, being that 36.3% of these are referring to the difficulties in reading and calculations mathematicians, and referring 27.2% to the writing.

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