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Dialogue for a large part of the creators of Western philosophy was not a personal whim, but the reality itself of thinking in which overcome the sterility of the monologue allowed two polar opposites, or different points of view which are challenged but were supplemented, travel different paths that he would lead them to an approximation to the truth. This dialog so that it had the character of such needed: at first, the condition of listening 11 the opposing arguments, so that in this way, each adversary was open to the possibility of modifying his view towards the truth that sought. I was needed too, in a second moment, the two contenders were firm and clear intention to go after the truth, so thus the agreement could exist in the disagreement. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jessica Pels. In this way each one not would see as the bearer of absolute truth, that locate in this perspective would not be wanting to engage in a dialogue but an infertile discussion. Well here fit the words between Socrates and Philebus when it declares: this is my opinion and I am not depart from him, to which Socrates responds, at least here and now let’s not to succeed my thesis or yours but we must ally us both with what is presented as the most true. In the Greeks this dialogue (dialogei), in its original conception, was intimately related to the dialectic (dialektike), but today the latter Word cannot be used generically with same meaning by the fact that many conceptions 12. This leads, before

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