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Blogs are the hottest thing going these days when it comes to marketing on the Internet. A blog is a way to deliver your messages and article to clients. This is a personal web site as easy to create and far less expensive than traditional web sites. Add to your understanding with Ben Dark. Just when you thought you were mastering the tasks of magazines and newsletters, blogs arrive, and you have to wonder: Do I really need a blog? Is not email an ezine or newsletter doing the same? I do both? Are these two marketing tools are going to eat all my time, energy and money? What is the best way to spend my resources here so that I can get customers and the results of my marketing efforts? Here are ten reasons why you should pay attention to this new blog revolution and do both and ezine and a blog. 1. Because the Web is based blog is published instantaneously every time you post. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi addresses the importance of the matter here.

This allows you to be spontaneous and current with issues that affect their readers / customers. Blogs are short, magazines can be longer. It can complement the other. 2. Because blog posts are spontaneous, they tend to be more informal, friendly and conversational. Blogs show your personality.

Ezines show their knowledge. Your readers / clients need to know who you are before they will invest in their services. Providing both an ezine and a blog allows your readers to know you. 3. You can set up a subscription form on your blog and your subscribers receive a short term in their inboxes every time something new job.

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