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The crisis continues. Many companies feel it in their daily activities – lack of working capital, customer defaults, rising interest rates on loans. However, to survive nado.I for most firms most simple solution is to save on wages. Of course, in the short term, this measure may have an effect. But if you look forward – by six months, a year? Reduction of staff leads to increased pressure on employee, an increase of the human factor, increasing the number of errors that ultimately leads to increased costs.

How can that be? Where to look for working capital? Resource in working capital is in itself company. For example, in excess reserves created by mistake or because of wrong decisions. Always harder to make money in stocks than the other way around! And the crisis can be viewed as a chance to do technology in including logistics, because right now all the bottlenecks>> manifest themselves, without much effort. And it is superfluous to take courses on logistics. The inventory level in the company can be considered an indicator of quality logistics. Three important factors influence the level of reserves. Delivery dates and duration, the stability of demand and capacity, quality of distribution system and distribution.

And in each of these areas need work. Education Transport Logistics will help to optimize the transport component, and course purchasing manager to help organize the work with suppliers of raw materials. Obviously, that is to begin with those areas the company, which will enhance the turnover of stocks, lack of which many companies are so acutely felt today. If at the moment because of the crisis in the company feel the downturn, then, Perhaps it is time to address strategic issues to improve the quality of work and enhance its effectiveness.

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