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One of the most common diseases among the adult population is back pain that just does not live spakoyno. Almost every one of us can tell their story on this topic, but it's better to hear about it opinion of a specialist. "In 10% of all guilty of the sciatic nerve. The reason for the so-called sciatica can be hidden as a herniated disc or narrowing of the neural canal in the spine, "- says Professor Hundredweight, a specialist in treating diseases of the spine in the University Hospital of Freiburg, Germany. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve trunk in the human body, which runs from the back of the legs.

Information flow from the lower part of the body enters the brain by nerve bundles of the spinal cord that serve as a kind of cable. Drawing pain patient, or what happens in severe cases, difficulty in walking depends the load on the nerve. If true test can diagnose opredilit dalneshee treatment, but it's better left to specialists. Attention should be paid to patients who show signs of paralysis, or when the patient is not state control of urination, should immediately contact the experts. "Modern medicine uses a variety of treatment options," – said Professor quintal. In very rare cases, such patients need surgery.

To begin with specialist doctors clinics use conservative treatments such as physiotherapy and medication. "In the event that medications do not provide the desired result – that happens very rarely – we suggest to resort to surgical treatment, "- says Professor quintal. At the University Hospital of Freiburg have doctors who can offer a huge selection of treatment of sciatica. It both conservative and operative treatment. Because of this, for each patient at University Hospital doctors pick individual treatment is not only isheasa, but also other diseases.

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