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Actually, there is someone who loves unconditionally, really the answer to the question for unconditional love we find in the Bible. While reading this book, notice, which unconditionally loves God his children, yes we all are. You don’t believe me? Imagine yourself the following and think about it: my God, why do you love your children actually? You know but how much sorrow we have prepared for you. Why can’t you stand us? You give us every breath and never hear a thank you for this. You give us a unique body and we do not praise you for it. Instead, we complain about the weather and argue who gets what continent and who has the better sex us. There is no second not any misuses your name to curse because he was hit your thumb with a hammer or do not agree with the decision of an arbitrator is.

You give this world food in abundance, but we give you the guilt for the hunger. By us, a muscular athlete gets more Applause, as God created us to the. We sing more on alcohol than on Jesus Christ who redeemed us. We are small and insignificant in the Galaxy and yet we expect us all give what we ask. And if we don’t get something then we declare loudly that you don’t exist. Just like our opinion would be crucial.

We pollute the environment you’ve lent us and mistreat the bodies that you gave us. We ignore your Word. Yes, we killed the son of who you were. Truly, we are spoiled babies who take and struggle, the pouting and blaspheme. You have every reason to destroy us. So I would certainly do that in your place! A big bang and start on another planet. But what are you doing? I hear the answer in the rustling of the wind, I see in the rising sun and I feel in the skin of a child. Father, your love never ends. Although we despise you, ignore you and you disobey, you don’t change. Anger may not reduce your love and they do not deepen our goodness that your love is unconditional. But how to explain your love for us? I think the best with the love of a mother to her newborn child. Here, too, which was Muttter months plagued, was kicked in the stomach and had to vomit almost every morning. However, she has her baby is kept warm, nourished and protected. Again no thanks, because no sooner has it left the womb, it starts already screaming! However, loves the mother of this child. Now please, think alone about this story. If you then find that there is actually someone who loves unconditionally and she would know him better, but know not how then you have among other things the way my blog think to visit Jesus. I give you tips and assistance there, as you can find to the faith. God’s love is not human. His love is not normal. His love is your SIN and still loves you. Yes; his love does not need to be earned. And it could be you no more love than he is doing now. Stefan Alesi

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