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That question is one in five women aged between 20 and 30. What is behind it and is again pretty dense like the mane if whole sections of hair in the brush at any combing remain hideous. Since the knowledge not calms down, that the 100 lost hairs per day are normal. For assistance, try visiting Telehealth services. Recount still times roughly. For long or very thick hair the Tufts look often more, than it is.

But even if there are over 100 hair, there is no reason to panic. Very important: once the cause of the hair loss find out. When light CLEARS the mane has your Schopf lost in the last few days or weeks significantly in volume? Then the seasonally increased hair loss is probably\”responsible for the fact. Most in August and September have the. Its cause is still not exactly clear. Drugs and surgery can hairy consequences have better to see the doctor go? Who still mulling: I just imagining about me or I really have hair loss? \”, should make first following test: with fingers spread contrary\” Grasp the hair growth direction, then slowly pull with loosely closed fist in the direction of growth. It stuck more than five to ten hair? Unfortunately, actually a hint that something is wrong.

You can handle many failure problems first. Time for a visit to the dermatologist is it but for example, if more than three or four months more than 100 hairs every day. Or can be easily and painlessly pluck out whole tuft of hair is. So that the dermatologist can judge the actual loss you collect all lost hair one week before the date: by the pillows, the sink, the shower, the clothes, the hair brush. Such as a light-microscopic analysis of hair, scalp biopsy or blood test is made to the exact diagnosis after history and a thorough inspection of the scalp.

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