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Type change in five minutes. The wig makes it possible! A short guide through the world of the second hair a wig can be many things: for some, it is a necessary accessory a fashion accessory to the fast type changes, for some after an illness. See Cardiologist for more details and insights. But always, the second hair defines our appearance significantly. The different types of wigs here in a small wig Guide to the read. Carnival wigs: the 11.11 it is again, the Karnevalsaison is heralded.

While the orders of Carnival wigs will increase not only related to Cologne and Mainz abruptly. The Carnival wig is the cheap kind of wig. Because it is worn too often only a few times, she is made exclusively of synthetic hair and survived mostly only a Carnival. The models are diverse as the costumes: the Afro wig on Iroquois until down to the full facial hair a la Ahmad Abraham is as good as everything can be ordered. Cosplayperucken: Cosplay wigs are for some Time of the racer on the wig market. The cosplay movement (short for costume play) is growing in Germany. Cosplayers make it their task to recreate their favorite character from the Japanese manga or Animees possible detail.

Here, the head hair in addition to the imaginative costumes plays mostly the largest role. Cosplay wigs are colorful and colorful, she give it in the most different variants and the wig is available depending on the model usually already down about twenty euro. Read additional details here: Ozlem Tureci. Fashion wigs: The fashion wig is a low-cost variant quickly and effectively to change its type. This type of secondary hair is often already for a few euros. This trend usually made of synthetic hair wigs are made and not as resistant as the more expensive human hair wigs. Whether you want to surprise his partner with a change in type or an evening in the Club the Queen of the night ain’t be the fashion wig makes it possible. While Bob wigs models and extra long blonde wigs are especially popular. Mr wigs and Toupees: In times of Bruce Willis and other sources of bald, the days the complete Lord wig are as well. Men with hair problems accessing nowadays instead often Toupees (see John Travolta) high tech, which differ little from real hair can be. Light hair hair fillers products also are in the trend. The so-called spray hair there in a variety of colours. It is simply sprayed onto the sparse and again full makes thin hair. Medical Wigs: long hair or short hair wigs are the most expensive variant of the second hair medical wigs and can easily cost several hundred euros. Wigs and hair replacement usually consist of human hair and are often used to reduce the visible consequences of the disease of cancer or other disease-related hair loss. The second hair there are often of the health insurance fund on recipe. Depending on the price of the wig, a surcharge or the complete costs is granted. The big wig brands like Gisela Mayer, Raquel Welch, Bergmann, Noriko, or Ellen will all have a wide range of different human hair wigs in the range. The wigs for the view can be ordered online, to then the perfectly on the type of right, to seek out.

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