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One thinks of rocking horses, wooden one or the other is in childish crush slip & feel transported back to the days of Grandma and Grandpa rocking horses made of wood – not only for the little ones. However, it can play be not only nostalgic reasons, to give the child an authentic wooden rocking horse, but also ecological and educational motives can play a role in a such article for your tot. The children in infancy learn “uniform moving hold” their Schaukelpferdes from wood by the, in peace and harmony with the environment. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daryl Katz, New York City. Our current time period is designed for hustle and bustle and high performance pressure, what is not good for the development of children. With a rocking horse made of wood, Paroli could be offered playing such hustle and bustle, because as a horse puts not only the child into a good sleep, but relaxed looking parents. Wooden rocking horses were highly regarded at the Grandma’s times & are indeed again become modern in recent times. Rocking horses made of wood have a long service life and are free of toxins in contrast to those made of plastic. This is an affair of the heart to many people and is also an important reason, why are those rocking horses made of wood from new “trendy”.

You buy your child in fact a good thing, because rocking horses made of wood are produced for a long service life + also environmentally friendly, they are a good learning toy too, because the motor is so quite incidentally easily trained. This is Alarmhasnot that so many doctors in the waiting room rocking horses made of wood are also. The children look like at such Schaukelpferden, because on top of the material also feels good, because he is warm and just has a good “feel”. Andy Fritsch

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