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They are carrying of attitudes of cooperation, values, traditions, vises of the reality, that are its proper identidade' '. 3,1 CAPITALS HUMAN, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL human Capital is the recognition of the importance of the people for development. The word key to produce human capital is education. To invest in education is to generate qualifications, abilities, to democratize the knowledge, creating conditions that greater makes possible productivity, economic growth, improves in the quality of life of the population, greater to be able of purchase and better performance of the organizations. Marshall (apud SHULTZ, 1973) affirms that ' ' the knowledge is the production engine most powerful, defending that the investments in the people must be extended in organizaes' '. Associates to the education exist other factors that collaborate for the formation of human capital, as health, organizacional climate, social benefits and access to the credit. Kliksberg bernardo (2003) if based on studies of the World Bank on 192 countries to affirm that 64% of the growth can be attributed to the human capital and to the capital stock. The people possess abilities, behaviors, personal energy and time that it are proper and they decide where they will apply these elements that form the human capital (DAVENPORT, 2001).

The education, either formal or informal, is the base for the creation of the human capital, is the fertilizer that makes to grow this capital. In accordance with Zapata (2006), the human development involves the dimensions economic, social, politician-institucional, cultural, technological, ambient and spiritual (ZAPATA, 2006), is a process that assures the magnifying of chances, creative potentialities and right of individual choices, providing the reduction of the existing inaqualities. For Zapata (2006) the sustainable community will be that one in which the life ways, the physical economy, structures and the technologies are not opposed to the intrinsic capacity of the nature to support the life.

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