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To know the wonders geographic Venezuela To travel to Venezuela to know one the most built-up countries of South America, as well as one of the diverse lands of all the earth and disfrutarde the ice glory of majestic glaciers and blue waters of the Caribbean. Venezuela is well-known mainly by its geographic wonders and their landscape. The Lake of Maracaibo is the greater natural lake of all South America. Possibly the second oldest one, with 36 million years. The lake of Maracaibo is accessible from the coast of the Caribbean through Gulf of Venezuela. Also it is worth the pain to visit (the city of century 16) Maracaibo in the North border. If you take a flight or bus to Ayacucho Port, you can enter the amazonian forest in just a short time.

One of the more famous tourist destinies of Venezuela is Jump Angel, the highest cascade of the world, the fall is of 3,211 meters in the Tube of the Devil (16 times the height of the Cataracts of the Nigara). For one it ventures tropical with more serenity, you can take to a boat until the Archipelago the Roques, a national park with the greatest extension of islands uninhabited of the Caribbean. Their intact beaches and their marine fauna, will make you enjoy a wonderful trip the best climate of all the Caribbean. The urban center of Venezuela exciting and is animated, full of culture and pastime. The Architecture in the cities like Caracas, is inspired by the indigenous tribes, Spanish colonialism and the design of African. Finally, Barquisimeto is a place very frequented by travelling and village, with discotheques and bars and a great amount of coffees and boutiques. You do not forget, when you reserve your ticket from airplane to Venezuela, conscious being of the time of arrival, since like tourist, it is not recommended to travel at night in taxi, bus or vehicle of rent, especially between Caracas and the airport international. To travel to Venezuela original Author and source of the article.

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