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We think about a better world, with cultural diversity and igualitrias racial relations. Only with studies anti-racists of the cultural contributions of the peoples who form our society, we will be able to modify these relations. According to anthropologist Kabengele Munanga, a reasonable justification for the invisibilidade of the racial preconception in the schools, would be the almost unconscious internalization of discrimination from an ideology developed for the dominant segments in the social processes. Costuma to search the explanation of this lack of conscience of the racial discrimination in the instruction lack, that is, in bode expiatrio cultural. This justification does not convince because the human beings do not need instruction to feel pain, the disdain, the injustice and exclusion. Without a doubt, a certain cultural level is indispensable to open horizontes e, if necessary to articulate the internal speech around the question; but the conscience lack cannot be attributed, absolutely, to the instruction lack.

The trend, in general, exactly in the clarified Brazilian is to deny the discrimination. (1996, 214). In elapsing of the project, it was observed invisibilidade of the racial relations, this can be perceived with bigger clarity in the absence of serious and critical debate on the subject. An example is the quotas for racial criteria. The subject, at least, displayed two wounds, one of it supposedly healed and to another one, bleeding visibly. When being inquired on the quotas, the pupils, had observed that the same one opens the problematic one of the Brazilian school, exculpatory, without politics you publish of long stated period and with bad indices of evaluation. Exactly ahead of these events, the analyses unhappyly do not focus the difficulties of the educational process of base, only superior education. The quarrel on the quotas, for more than permeou two lessons, a subject that we knew that the attention would call as much the pupils.

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Surely, the man will not be able to reach its full potentiality if not to know the necessities of the three entities. The Necessities of the three Entities of the Man Leading in consideration that the reality human being is composed of three entities, each one must have its proper necessities. In accordance with this theory, the author in accordance with presents the hierarchy of the necessities of the three entities the proper inherent requirements and its essences, in the following way: Body: how the structure of a construction that is made to shelter, the body? physical structure? it has the objective nobleman of being the nest of the spirit. This structure must grow and be kept in perfect condition of health, in such a way that it allows to the rest and development of the spirit. At the beginning of the life, the growth of the body is fast, but, gradually, this speed diminishes until the body arrives at a physical balance, where the growth is minimum, but the renewal and replacement of the cells must be constant. Obviously, for better resulted, it is necessary that, in the passage of the life, the person follows the ideal standards necessarily, where all the conditions as feeding, hygiene, habits and the environment are favorable. Therefore, the basic necessities of the body are: an adjusted feeding, the sport, the hygiene and sleep. These are the rights most elementary of the individual.

Mind: As well as the body, the mind requires development in a healthful environment. It makes use as instrument billions of neurons that assist it in the processing and storage of the information. The brain consists approximately of ten billion neurons. Each neuron receives information from thousand of others and sends signals to as much others. Therefore, the power of the mind is proportional to the volume of information, knowledge and acquired experiences.

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