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There are growing epidemiological studies suggest that consumption of lycopene has a beneficial effect on human health, reducing significantly the incidence of pathologies particularly cancer of lung, prostate and digestive tract, cardiovascular and aging. There are also scientific evidence that preventing the syndrome of macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in people over 65.
A study by researchers at Harvard University J 2002 Mar 6 94 (5) :391-8, shows that consumption of lycopene reduced by 45 the chances of developing prostate cancer in a population of 48,000 subjects who had in their diet at least 10 weekly servings of tomato products or this. The investigation lasted six years. Other researchers found that lycopene also reduces cholesterol levels in the form of low density lipoprotein (LDL), which produce atherosclerosis, the tomato intake reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease.
Early studies focused on the benefits in the prevention of certain cancers, showed that those who consume it less frequently exposed to cancers affecting the digestive system and the player such as colon and prostate.
Later came to demonstrate the anti-aging properties of lycopene. An example is conducted with a group of 90 nuns in the south of Italy, aged between 77 and 98 years. Those with higher indices of lycopene in their blood had a greater agility in making all kinds of activities.
It is estimated that in Spain, from fruits and vegetables, the amount of lycopene consumed is approximately 1.3 mg / person / day.
Anyone who has a lot of evidence showing that lycopene in our diet is beneficial to our health, not to say that if you eat in isolation in the form of tablets or capsules will improve our health or we can prevent certain diseases. Yet many studies should be conducted before we can make recommendations to consume as a dietary supplement alone. But what if you can recommend is to increase its intake from fruits and vegetables. … achieve optimum health of the digestive system, liver and colon. … Share your own passion and be your own boss with helping you to get more out of life. used in conjunction with the system or just as a dietary supplement maintenance. …
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A beginning of dawn of terror for some employees of the Hospital Tasso Jereissati de Juazeiro of the North, that was invaded by two dogs of the race pit bull of brown color. Familiar nurses, attendants and of patients had established a true running before the fury of the animal. He was not different in relation even though some sick people who met there from fear to be bitten for the sufficiently enraged dogs. The nurse Ivanilda Maria Pear tree of Melo works has five years in the HTJ and never said to have seen thing equal describing to have been about 20 minutes of terror inside of the hospital. As it added the running was great to close the areas of access to the patients, therefore nobody had as if to defend in case that they were front the front with the cachorros that teimavam in running behind the people.

Proper it said that she had much fear of the situation and determined the closing of the infirmaries. A dog turns can that lives in the immediacy of the hospital and is called by Vi finished if constituting in the salvation. Feeling owner of the territory, it was to meeting of the two as if was made use to fight in defense of those its friends day to day enters in it and leaves the hospital. At the first moment if it wounded and if fera with will of fight became one and to drive away its adversaries. Who folloied everything at a distance started to fear for the luck of the animal which already deviated the attention of the fierce pair. The hero of the dawn already spilled blood sufficiently, but he did not give up the task when he gained the aid of some people and the dogs had finished expulsos.

Vi was with vsceras displayed, however gaining the courageous and responsible fame of direct for the escape of pit bulls that they had left running for the Street They are Peter and taking the Avenue Castello Branco. Immediately, the nurses had started to take care of of the animal that remained the dawn there until the opening of a clinical veterinary medicine. Unhappyly in the afternoon of this exactly day (19 of julio) it faleceu. Source: #! pit

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The only reason why he is called to this natural gas is because, like any other gas in the atmosphere, exists without the artifice of human beings and is the least dirty between non-renewable energy sources. So, what is transported by the call via green with the name of natural gas is another fossil fuel more in the long run just as dirty, like pork and just as polluting as fuel that exploded and burned as the case of CAPECO (google). No matter how much safer is the gas natural in relation to oil, this is still a fossil fuel and a hydrocarbon. Methane is a gas more potent than carbon dioxide to trap the heat, although it doesn’t last the same time in the atmosphere. A year of emissions of a large dam, has an impact of warming equivalent to more than 20 years of 7.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide – this is more higher than the total emissions of carbon dioxide emitted by the burning of fossil fuels in the United States.(source). Scientists have recorded a one-third increase in the amount of methane gas that seeps into the groundwater layer of permanent ice of the Arctic in the past five years, which could result in an increase of 10 degrees of the average temperature of the area by the year 2100. This discovery, carried out by scientists from the University of Edinburgh and published in the journal Science, is the result of several investigations in recent years in the zone Artica pointing to that the permahielo was melting and releasing methane in large quantities.

Not yet melted ice layer holds billions of tons of methane, a greenhouse gas much more harmful than carbon dioxide, which has led many scientists to describe the melting of the permahielo of the Arctic as a bomb that could put an end to efforts to contain the change climate. Climate change in the Arctic, where is developing two times faster that the rest of the world, can be explained by the recent increase continued global methane levels in the atmosphere since 2007, after a decade of stable emissions of this gas. In conclusion, the carbon dioxide is 21 times less harmful than the methane. In other words, it is the natural gas that must have respect, care, attention or further study. We hope that the Conference in Cancun is not another simple greeting but the beginning of another mentality, other actions, other commitments and other punishable legal complaints.

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