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on awards and stars and all that Hello eustress: Wikipedia is not a game nor a contest or a competition or anything like that, but an encyclopedia. So please I beg you to stop creating these pages about trophies and stuff like that but I know they have dedicated much time, do not contribute anything to Wikipedia, itself. Greetings, Farisori message 02:06 24 dec 2008 (UTC) sorry that you feel well, but I’m just translating the pages of English (where it was created Wikipedia) to Spanish. Prizes are not motivated to everyone (as in your case), but if they had more awards in Spanish, maybe they would have more contributions to Wikipedia in Spanish. Concerning what Wikipedia is not, WP: NOT does not say anything about not having fun. Must be reviewed Wikipedia: Department of fun. Greetings – eustress (Talk) 03:20 24 dec 2008 (UTC) Of course, the fun department is the place for fun, and it must be there, because otherwise you may end up losing its way.In addition, Wikipedia in different languages work with different policies, so it does not justify the fact that something already exists in another wikipedia to exist in this. Many greetings, Farisori message 03:31 24 dec 2008 (UTC) I appreciate your point of view, but do not understand the damage that you perceive to be put more prizes. Medals and prizes have been given long in the Wikipedia in Spanish and even proudly presents you (User: Farisori / awards). The worst that can happen is that I waste my time, but there is much to gain for the Wiki. – Eustress (Talk) 03:43 24 dec 2008 (UTC) Prizes must be something spontaneous and casual, and rather than an end in itself. But not just me who agrees with it, but also several others, including several librarians (see here). Sorry, Farisori message 03:48 24 dec 2008 (UTC) I have not deleted any items.What I did was delete pages that have nothing to do with the free, which does not provide and that are even counterproductive to use unnecessary resources. If he can show what you bring those pages to the encyclopedia as such, then go to coffee. Netito777 03:54 24 dec 2008 (UTC) You did me wrong. I should have invited the coffee before deleting. That is abuse.

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