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New platform for free, mutual child care parents limited childcare, Kita strikes, fear of workplace life with small children is an organizational challenge for couples both for single parents. No matter whether it comes to re-enter in the old job after the baby break, in the short term to look after the sick Grandma or enjoy just once a few hours for yourself: a short – or long-term child care is expensive and often hard to find. Sitter-team is the solution”, the new online portal for free and mutual child care parents. Here find them not only support, but also save money. On onnen is mothers and fathers from all over Germany announce and find like-minded people in their neighborhood on the Internet.

Public and commercial childcare can not meet the demand, the community must help!”Claudius Kohrt and Stefan Schmidt were thinking. And with the idea for sitter team is an innovative solution that mothers and fathers of great benefit can be designed: A network for free child care in a familiar environment. The registration takes place in just a few short steps and specifying the place of residence and age of the children. Additional short questions extending the criteria according to which a specially developed filter techniques later searches the user profiles. Suitable candidates are presented each other virtually. Then there is the interested thing, to make the contact and personal meeting closer to meet.

It is sympathetic, even outside of the Internet can communities gather together and share the care of the children themselves. “According to the motto: you today, me tomorrow.” The sitter teams can consist of any number of mothers and fathers and even the entry of new members to existing groups is possible. Sympathy and mutual trust are vital, because only who knows his child in good hands, can efficiently the tasks of everyday life and cope stress-free or also at a few relaxing hours to enjoy. Because the service was a large, but not the only challenge in life with young children is, the platform also has the possibility to organize joint activities with other parents and children outside of the teams or free to get clothes and toys at the give Bazaar or awarded. The clear advantage of sitter team here as well as with child care: as opposed to daycare and expensive baby sitters, sitters team won’t cost a penny. The concept is based on mutual help and giving, not on paid services. So parents can save easily up to 2,000 euro and more a year. Background: established In June 2009, has made it sitter team to the task, to bring together communities closer. The anonymity of the modern metropolis helps ensure that many don’t know their neighbor. The chance to meet like-minded parents on the playground exists though, but comparatively low. At the same time, the disintegration of traditional family structures through high geographical mobility and rising divorce rate, the supply of scientists more difficult. Sitter-team vision: In the future contact micro-networks in many areas of life in the place of traditional families and support where they no longer can it. More information is available on the website. Press contact: modem conclusa public relations GmbH, Jutastrasse 5, 80636 Munich Martha Rothe t. 089 746308-32, F. 089 18979198

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The first part which is new to the topic of naturopathy today on arzneimittel.de started having from the health basics GmbH & co. KG-run Portal today, 9.11.09 arzneimittel.de, made the first part of its new campaign around the theme of naturopathy online. Interested to find a new part on arzneimittel.de from today every 2 days. The total 10 campaign will be completed until the end of November. Today: headache everyone knows the situation if the head pounding and blaring: headaches are among the most common health complaints. This, the most common types include migraine and tension-type headache. The causes for headaches can be very different.

They range from stress (psychological) to strictly fixed hair sitting in poorly ventilated spaces or vascular related causes such as circulatory disorders. The causes are numerous, the supply of drugs is so diverse. Aspirin and acetaminophen are among the best-known products of conventional medicine. But it is also course: Willow is a proven treatment for head problems. Butterbur helps migraine. Stress-related headaches can have a preventive treatment with Lavender. In addition, peppermint is recommended. Important for frequently affected: prevention: avoid factors triggering headaches.

“Compensation: they provide a balanced work-life balance”, i.e. the right balance and relaxation. Advice: Consult a doctor necessarily in permanent pain. On Wednesday, 11.11, learn new and interesting things about the treatment of neck pain. See… just healthy advise arzneimittel.de – free of charge and without obligation! ++ ++ the information portal for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food supplements, homeopathy and naturopathy ++ arzneimittel.de combines the advantages of a free information portal for one with a built-in Web2. 0 Gesundheitscommunity and over-the-counter on the other hand with the possibility of ordering drugs on our Luitpold partner pharmacy pharmacy bad Steben. Health basics GmbH & co. KG ++ ++ our company sees itself as a holistic solution provider in the health field between marketing, public relations/press, technology and legal possibilities. Especially in today’s times, the health market is subject to the momentous upheavals. But just these changes leads to enormous potential for individual companies, as long as it is to recognise the signs of the times and track practical and legally sound solutions and ultimately to realize. Luitpold pharmacy bad Steben ++ ++ Karlheinz Ilius holder of the Luitpold-apotheke in bad Steben is 25 years. As one of the first German pharmacist, 2004 won the shipping permission and thus allowing for the operation of the mail-order pharmacy drugs by klick.de. The Luitpold pharmacy is the largest employer in bad Steben. In addition to five employees in the pharmacy currently 76 employees for the mail-order pharmacy drugs by klick.de. In the mail order business, drugs by klick.de supervised throughout Germany over half a million customers.

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You have to work constantly to improve their management skills, labor relations, marketing and production. This requires you to participate in specialized training provided that it arises the opportunity. This is essentially true if your managerial experience does not include employees or work of human resources management. Given the competitiveness of the workforce in general, it is imperative to create an environment for its employees that highlight fitness in relation to make easier the work routines. Managers are not trained properly or who need to Polish your skills will suffer to apply management techniques, that will slow down the work, complicate the problems and will lead to problems of morality. Fitness in the workplace between managers is one of the most often cited complaints that employees mentioned in multiple job interviews. Progressive thinking: The majority of the employees of today are much more liberal that twenty years as it relates to the workplace and how they see their work. The introduction of casual Friday has created a more different corporate culture that focuses on keeping employees happy and inspire them to do a good job.

Be given to accept reasonable suggestions of the employees will show them that you are trying to shape the workplace to make them more productive and comfortable that it is possible. So it will make them happier and more willing to work with you. Ability to combine visions: A good manager will be able to handle the daily work routines that perform work and broader strategies that make up the company’s corporate objectives. Being able to combine the two is very important to show your employees the reasons for their actions. You don’t have to explain every little detail, but if you keep your employees informed about their strategies, large, medium and small, will help them in terms of morale and productivity. You will also be surprised of good suggestions you may receive of employees once to understand the entire image and corporate objectives. Communication: Employees often complain about management decisions that, for them, have no sense.

There are often reasons for these decisions, per many fund managers are reluctant to share the logic with its employees under the false assumption that employees will not understand and which ultimately can lead to rumors and resentment. There are some things in the businesses that remain in the management, but many times the secrets only leads to betrayals, rumors and low morale. We’ve all seen the comic strip Dilbert, one of the all-time funniest comic strips. At the center of virtually every cartoon looks the old struggle between skilled workers and heads with pointy heads. This cartoon is very popular because many employees think the same as Dilbert and co-workers that your boss is an idiot who makes decisions at their whim. In the case of Dilbert, he is right, your boss is an idiot. In the majority of cases, bosses aren’t stupid but bad communicators. Taking the time to explain decisions goes hand in hand with keeping your employees happy and your work routines are fluid. Employees feel appreciated and work harder. As mentioned, these are not the unique skills and attributes that have a good Manager. They are the main features that help create the basis for a healthy management routine. If you, as a Manager, focuses on these, many of the problems of the work routine will no longer arise or disappear.

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