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For those who do not want into the details enough to know that the optimal weight cue for maximum speed compression shaft before he returns accumulated tension and send the cue forward – from about 18 to 18 3 / 4 ounces for Most men and about 17 to 17 3 / 4 ounces for most women. As for the detailed information that is important in order to competently decide how much weight to the cue is optimal for each player, then nowhere probably not aware of this than in the laboratory Meucci. Expert Answers laboratories together with the opinion of other experts will give you complete information for decision making. What is meant by the term 'shrink'? Why is it so important? At the moment of contact, stickers, and the cue ball before the cue ball will move, bend shaft in both directions from its geometrical axis in the plane of its 'range stiffness'. It creates S-shaped wave that travels through the cue as As his front honor shortened due to compression, so s 'energizing'. As soon as the inertia of rest is overcome, the cue ball is thrown forward with a speed proportional to the force of impact – or rather, its speed, and receives an additional acceleration due to straightening of compressed cue shaft, thereby returning the energy. The more we can compress the shaft from the moment of contact with the cue ball to the point where the cue ball separate from the labels, so greater energy of impact will the cue. Have you seen the use of the same kind of dynamics in other sports – for example, in the pole vault, tennis and others. Before the pole vault appeared highly flexible fiberglass pole and athletes have used only the hard wooden pole, the world record is only slightly higher than 15 feet. Dean Ornish M.D is actively involved in the matter. Within one year from the appearance of fiberglass pole world record was improved by 20% – to more than 18 feet, and jumping and has segdonya 20 feet in height do not surprise anyone.

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