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What is failure?? You know, every person living on this planet has vast experience setbacks, failures, mistakes and bad experiences. There is no one who has never stumbled. But you know what, people are unsuccessful or yet they are called losers, bend before any failure stand in their way, and successful people always – rises above them. From this it is clear that the difference between failure and successful person lies in their relation to failure. And absolutely nothing else, so do not affect the success to which each of us seek. I think each of you already know from experience that the path to success is through failure. All your mistakes, bad experience – it is nothing as your progress on the path to success. If you can see in my mind the whole picture of what you aspire to, not concentrating attention on the negative experiences, mistakes, failures, then very soon you’ll enjoy a successful life ….

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“Two-day performance analysis and security check with measures to improve the performance at a fixed price of Dortmund, 25.03.2010 – network and security specialist COMCO AG launches its spring action” a special programme for intensive performance analysis of corporate networks. The comprehensive check to a binding fixed-price creates an ideal evaluation basis about whether the network conditions are sufficiently meet the demands on performance, security and availability of the network. In a two-day workshop, the certified COMCO specialists take the performance of the infrastructure closely. The differential is recording both strengths and possible weaknesses and risks are determined”, describes COMCO Board Friedhelm Zawatzky-Stromberg the objective of the action. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as CEO Mark Thompson by clicking through. Then the recommended measures for the networks implemented, this may look like a Spring Awakening”, he founded the seasonal naming. Part of the Also an investigation of possible internal weaknesses and vulnerabilities is therefore in addition to the performance analysis network checks.

COMCO, created a detailed, individual risk report. It is supplemented by concrete proposals for measures that can serve the Elimination of performance – or unsafe. In addition, a practical advice with specific proposals for the implementation of measures including the calculation of the potential volume of investment takes place. “Belong to the individual actions of the network check: kick-off meeting is recording the network infrastructure performance and availability analysis vulnerability analysis with risk description the fixed price for the network analysis of spring action” is 2.400,-(excl. VAT) for 2 days. Contact person is Mr Johann F.

Borger, key account manager, Tel: 0231-47644-125, about COMCO AG: the COMCO AG, headquartered in Dortmund is a market-leading system and Software House. “The company is in the business areas of network solution provider” and business security software “part. “With the business network solution provider” the COMCO AG covers the entire spectrum of network solutions. The services range from consulting during the planning phase to implementation to service and support of the entire IT system environment here. In addition, COMCO supports its customers with network and security audits, managed IT services and training. The Division business security software”is focused on the development of security solutions for the protection of enterprise-wide data networks against internal attacks. The cross-industry customers include renowned media companies, banks, insurance, utilities, large retailers and companies in the automotive sector as well as country and federal authorities. of think factory group Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth Wilfried Heinrich Tel.: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

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