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The users who must be taken care of in the CAPS are those that present intense psychic suffering and that from this they are disabled of living and carrying through its daily activities and projects of life. They are also people who possess some type of severe mental upheaval and/or persistent, with serious psychic comprometimento, including upheavals related to the psychoactive substance use (alcohol and other drugs), beyond children and adolescents with mental upheavals. The model of functioning of these services depends on the type of CAPS that in has determined region. The first criterion to be considered, when the city decides to implant a service of these, is the number of inhabitants of the city. That is, cities with population between 20.000 and 70.000 inhabitants, a CAPS is implanted type I.

Already the cities that possess population between 70.000 and 200.000 inhabitants a CAPS II. the cities with population above of 200.000 inhabitants a CAPS III is implanted (this will be the approach of our research, as mentioned previously). In relation to the Infantile CAPS (CAPSi), these are possible to be constructed in cities with population above of 200.000 inhabitants and the CAPS Alcohol and Drugs (CAPSad) can be implanted in cities that they possess above of 100.000 inhabitants. Focando CAPS III, these function 24 hours, daily, also in holidays and ends of week. Nocturnal shelter and permanence in the week ends are apt to offering, as the therapeutical project of using house, being proportionate as plus a therapeutical resource, thus, preventing possible psychiatric internments. It is important to resaltar that this resource of the nocturnal shelter will have to be offered, preferential, to the users who already are tied with the service (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2004), considering the bond with the professionals of the service, the treatment and adjusting the real situation of demand intense that the CAPS live currently.

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