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Ready interpretations give only "food for thought." You can reflect at leisure on himself and character traits. But on this everything. Neither interpretation is implicit in the program can not find the answers to your questions, out of this situation. Only the person who owns the knowledge, can pull the necessary information and to convey to another person. A common misconception: horoscope – is forecast for …

Natal horoscope – is not a prediction, it is a static map of the sky at the birth of man, like a photograph. On it you can learn about the human personality, his talents and inclinations, everything is laid on the birth of the potential. This is the foundation, basis. From the natal chart are being built all the rest, a lot of them. Using different methods and techniques, the astrologer can look like in the future and the past, may see how they interact with each other different people that they have in common and that prevents build relationships. On a horoscope can determine susceptibility to disease, to select a suitable date for the important events to avoid large trouble in the future or to reduce the impact to a minimum. Astrology gives a lot of opportunities, it is not limited to prediction. Astrologers, having received information about the future, use it rather than sit and wait prediction come true by itself. So that the option "I want to know all your horoscope for life" – an incorrect understanding of what a horoscope and astrology in general.

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