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On the one hand a difficult question, but with a different sort of not. Now a look. Create clips using Movie Makera. Windows Movie Maker – is a standard part of the OSes in Windows. To start go to Start / prog / Standard / WMM.

Then carefully rassmatrevaem that opened. First, import the video files you want to prog, which you will use. In the action pane, click on "Import Video", select the files and transfer into the program. Then do the same with music, "Importing sound, "we take the media file, which serve as accompaniment, and click" OK ". Recently Preventive Medicine Research Institute sought to clarify these questions. Suddenly you need to add photos using the "Import Image".

Now installation. Transfer the music. file on the scale of time, placing on the soundtrack (at the beginning or in the end – at your discretion). Then move the video onto the timeline. To adjust the sound, press the arrow button that shows up (to the left of the scale). The same can leave a sound, previously used, or get rid of by taking out a new clip music. accompaniment. Now look what happens. To do this, click "Play. scale of time, "on the outside resembling Play . And how? And further transfer the other passages on the scale set to the right of the previous one, creating a chain. Optionally, you can swap them, cut some fragments, to add a clip of "soft" transitions and visual effects. As a bungled learn the online help. Upon creation, the Optionally, you can add titles and name. This is done by using the "Creation of names and titles," located in the panel operations. Then you need to view the last clip and save. Choose "Save to computer" on the panel, enter the name and define the folder to save it. Then double-click "Next" and wait for the creature to be saved. Done! Now you can play rezalt with any player, for example Windows Media.

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