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Summer, for many the best time of the year. Unfortunately, an annoying side-effect occurs when many people here. Sweating! Sweating is a normal and essential function of the body, which serves to regulate the body temperature. However, excessive sweating, Hyperhidrosis also called leads often to mental health problems. New treatments promise to remedy the sweating.

Most courted is treatment with Botox. The injection of Botox, Nervengiftes blocks the nerve leads to the desired location. It is positive that, as with other methods, no operation is needed for the treatment and that desired parts of the body can be selectively chosen and handled. The controversial to this method, in addition to the poison syringe, is the expensive operation (600-1200!), as well as the temporary effect, which demands a repeat of the procedure 4-6 months. Botox treatments are among the alternative methods and are therefore only in rare cases by the health insurance fund taken over. Another negative point is the risk of unwanted, non-permanent paralysis. Existing and proven treatment methods should therefore be exploited before a BOTOX treatment to consider is pulled. n-Adults’>Wendy Holman may not feel the same. It is explicitly to recommend all concerned to apply as first trans fricatives.

They act only on the surface and are highly efficient. Only in rare cases, the effect of anti-TRANS fricatives in affected not unfolded. Compared with other methods of treatment far outweigh the benefits. The anti-TRANS spirants sweat-stop offer a solution. The products available as lotion and body spray sustainably prevent sweat and body odor and work at the same time nourishing to the skin. This makes possible a good composition of selected active ingredients. To improve the active ingredients on the one interpreted the property of skin to hold more moisture, favouring the elasticity of the skin. On the other hand they have support in the formation of new skin cells. Depending on the needs Functional cosmetics company AG offers three different products of the persons concerned. The mild sweat stop Aloe Vera Lotion plus + a lotion is specially designed for sensitive skin areas such as head, brow and face was developed. The sweat-stop body sprays Forte and sweat-stop Forte plus + remedy at moderate to very heavy sweating all over my body. New to sweat-stop Forte plus + is the addition of Aloe Vera. The application of anti-TRANS fricatives is easy, because already after one to three times applying them unfold their full effect. And because all sweat-stop are odour-free products, the personal summer fragrance can be used further.

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