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Readers. Much has if spoken in Empowerment, of as it is important for the agility of the decisions and as it brings benefits for a company, this action of strategical management without a doubt none aims at optimum exploitation of the human capital. The companies are each time more stimulating the shared management and disponibilizando each time strategical information so that the collaborators can take decisions without having by itself that all the subject to pass for the approval of a responsible head or. So that this action of result management is necessary that the collaborators are each time more enabled to take the decision certain, that decision that goes to bring profit and yield for the companies. With this action the company obtains to decentralizar its decisions more earning with this agility, flexibility and competitiveness at the same time where it obtains to motivate people and to make with that they are more motivated, generally the motivation happens when the company provides ways collaborating to continue its studies wants either one to it graduation, after graduation or even though mestrado making with that it fascinates a promising future. But because I placed the heading in this text of Empowerment to avessas? With the Empowerment the collaborators had started to have positions more strategical as analysts of management, finances, purchases, costs, of production and many outas functions that they require you analyze, to put the companies a movement of terceirizao of the workmanship hand or outsourcing had started having aimed at the reduction of cost and the increase of the quality.

What we have seen is that in a general way functions or processes as: to conciliate accounts, to arrange archives, services of protocol and even though processes as payment or discuss of a payment leaf are being to the few simplified, terceirizados or even though some stages are being eliminated. The process of terceirizao of some services of support or the elimination of some functions, where the criteria prevail of reduction of costs, has caused great I accumulate of services for the analysts, when one becomes analyzes of a situation is necessary that the things are organized the accounts in sequence and the conciliated documents. Many times that person who studied to become an analyst has faced resultant difficulties of: 1.Um high degree of terceirizao of functions that before were exerted by proper staff of the company and now is terceirizadas is made with low quality. 2. For finding a service of low quality, she is necessary that many times that to collect and to organize the information what demand hours or until days of work. they 3.Sofrem with information failed to meet, caused for errors caused for inexperienced people in the function. 4.Algumas people ahead of these situations arrive to think that they had simply unlearned to work, appearing from there the lack of motivation and ‘ ‘ Empowerment to avessas’ ‘. Many people do not agree to the here boarded point of view, but as studies people who make many tasks at the same time alternate the attention between one another one and in consequncia of this has low productivity and little quality. You obtain to whistle and to absorb sugar cane! We go to reflect on this!

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