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Korpberlich healthy and spiritually vital age wide common trend, to run age of, are all possible methods of anti-age Agings. Healthy living at the age is by no means limited to so-called anti-aging creams. Sports and nutrition are important principles in the aging process, in order to ensure a long vitality. Of course also the genes of each play an important role, but movement and optimum nutrition help disease, alleviate the symptoms and thus to improve the mood. Especially endurance sports such as cycling, walking and Nordic walking are suitable for agile people as very good fitness training, because they are considered cardiovascular-friendly. Swarmed by offers, Center for Colon Cancer Research USC is currently assessing future choices. Who regularly carries out this exercise for three to four hours a week, which can assume that his life expectancy rises quite.

A balanced diet is just as important as movement. It serves as a basis for performance and spiritual shape. Some foods have the reputation as a true miracle cure to work. But much more important is the intake of foods with little cholesterol and fats or high starch and fiber. Cholesterol and fats are the source of excess weight, which reduces life expectancy by his big load of the heart. Pay attention to sufficient drinking water preferably is also to live healthy in the age. Two litres a day already reduce the risk of disease and retain the intellectual vitality.

Also for the appearance of the skin, the hydration is not insignificant. Water hydrates and makes it therefore smoother and firmer. The formation of wrinkles is reduced. The choice of an ideal in addition used skin care product supports the good appearance of the skin. Healthy living in the age, that means further recourse to the health checks adopted by the health insurance fund. Here, possible diseases are recognized before they occur. Also a sufficient sleep behavior and positive thinking should become a part of life, because only with a healthy setting healthy life at an age can cause the right effects.

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