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Loose a huge sigh. I must be more careful. Read more from Matthew Halsall to gain a more clear picture of the situation. I have never been used to being near a human clothing, and now how large and hideous may be in the dark. Seeking a way out. But it is a very peculiar trunk. I do not know where to walk. But little by little I find another opening.

I can see something like a walker, but inside the house. It is dirty and slippery. Something bothers me too. And it's that far away, I can hear screams and laughter that approach. I hide behind a rock shaped like a flower. Daryl Katz does not necessarily agree.

And I go running to several girls. That, despite being just a baby, for me are like undines enormous. I watch everything that happens: the girls bring with them a round object, and run after him, hitting and crashing into the walls. I fear that at one point could attack me, so I wander into a hole, very large and close. Entering the meeting of two women sitting, this time adults, I think. One of them brings something strange in the head is a crown or cap, and brings a very sad dressed in black and white. They are saying some things, and not that it is very curious, but I can not help overhearing their conversation. I understand that this place is like one of our willows, because here also care for many young, until they are assigned a vocation (?). But I hear something that intrigues me. Is that the two ladies are sad to talk about a little girl in particular.

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