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The actions of Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) collapsed Tuesday 10/agosto/2010, after the analysts reduced their recommendation for the actions of both manufacturers of Chips and would notice a weakening of the cost in technology of the consumers and companies. Robert W. Baird and Barclays even said that they wait for a third weak trimester for Intel, although Intel and their competitor AMD said the past month that they wait for three months strong. The measures of austerity of the European governments are generating caution between the companies, that control their expenses in personal computers anticipating itself to a deceleration of the cost of the consumers, said analysts. ” What we are seeing now is plus a cyclical correction, but we see a very positive tendency of growth for the personal computers in next aos” , the analyst of Baird, Tristn said War.

Intel controls near the 70 percent of the market of processors and near the 90 percent of its income they derive from the market of the personal computers. Their actions fell a 4,02 percent, whereas those of AMD they yielded a 7,9 percent. Barclays reduced its recommendation on the actions of Intel and AMD and said that their investigations on the industry concluded that the general tendency of the personal computers for the third trimester continued being weak. AMD and Intel wait for the third trimester a growth of the sales among the seven and eight percent. Barclays said that the sales of personal computers could raise in a rank among the five and seven percent, against the normal rank of the 15 percent or more, which reflects one more a more dull demand from Europe, a deceleration in China and the caution of the American clients. Baird reduced the recommendation on the actions of Intel said that their investigations of the channels of sales aim at a steep deterioration in the tendency of orders related to personal computers during the last week, after July was below the expectations. The investment bank hopes that the tendency continues in August and said that to wait for a significant recovery in September it is less and less possible, which would take to that the third trimester is possibly located below the awaited thing. By Leonel Morals.

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