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Everyone has their own unique smell that can tell you very much. As well as your aura, it is an indicator of external and internal conditions. Animals have always felt, in what state you are they always smell your fear or confidence. Jessica Pels often says this. Source of such odors are special substances – pheromones, which are distinguished by our body. This occurs as a reaction to various the state of our physical and astral body. Sex pheromones are actively exploited the perfume and cosmetic industry (added to cosmetics so-called pheromones – attrakantov, odorous synthetic substances similar to the natural sex pheromones).

Experience shows that the use of such funds often enhances the attractiveness of the opposite sex on an unconscious level. Pheromones are differences. On stress and disorder, the body responds to the elaboration of repellents – substances that cause a negative attitude toward you around. You become less attractive and visible to everyone. Your astral field becomes unremarkable and faded. The same happens when you are exhausted physical or intellectual work, feeling battered and exhausted, irritable, experiencing internal tension and discomfort. Production repellents can reinforce other factors: a sharp change in climate, temperature, long journeys, taking certain drugs and food, contact with people or objects that have negative for you enegretiku, permanent residence in geopathic zones and much more. In contrast, a positive a positive background of your life creates the conditions for the development of attractants, substances capable of make you more attractive and noticeable to attract the right people to you, especially men, because Pheromones – attraktany differ primarily by gender and are called pheromones.

Scent of a Woman – seductive and dangerous, summoning and inviting. Nothing and no one can resist this animal instinct. Positive thinking, friendly attitude towards others, mood and well-being, healthy life – these moments that help reduce the production of repellents, and enhance the production of pheromones, attractants. The main objective of aphrodisiacs is to help us do so, adjust our thoughts and emotions in a positive mood, calm, relax from the daily bustle and tune our soul energy of love. Among the sea of aphrodisiacs is important to find a one that will deliver it for you from the stress and help open up your feminine energy.

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