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Dawicontrol brings the next generation of the piggyback Board on the German market of Gottingen, March 2009 in a further variant, the piggyback Board of Dawicontrol now comes with an additional USB port, as well as other RAID modes on the market. The leading German manufacturer of quality controllers and mass storage solutions with the DC-5220 RAID controller an again practical and low-cost addition to its portfolio for the fast disk backup brings out. Directly to a drive attachable as small as the narrow back of a hard Dawicontrol presents and their piggy-back boards. Completely in the handling, neither driver nor software are simply necessary for the user to realize a reflection of its data, to increase the speed of hard drives, or just all drives in a single drive letter to. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD may not feel the same. Even the rebuild function works automatically.

After the successful introduction of the DC-5200 RAID mirror controller DC-5220 RAID complements the innovative product portfolio by Dawicontrol in the storage modules segment. Even without USB during the DC-5200 RAID as the smaller version for RAID 1 is configured and needs be attached only the second version as DC-5220 RAID with additional USB port in the trade comes with now. It is configured 1 and 0 via dip switches, RAID, comfortable to use SAFE33 and SAFE50, as well as single drive works. The Silicon chipsets SiI5723 and SiI5744 were used as fast storage processors. When it comes to handy storage solutions for everyday to develop practical solutions for the user always ahead \”, we commented Ulrich Danzer, Managing Director of Dawicontrol GmbH, the practical development. The two piggy-back boards our resellers with a to sell strong mass product, providing welcome capabilities.\” Inexpensive and fast safe oriented to private users and small offices, the budget brings DC-5220 RAID with 49.90 EVK at 35,40 HEK (net) a good margin at the quick sale in a retail store.

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