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Decorations make it simply yourself, do you still live with Swarovski-Strass or you already live? How do you know this proverb? Right, it’s the marketing slogan of a Scandinavian furniture and furnishing store called IKEA. Continue to learn more with: Cancer Research. You can get this set some truth, or IKEA’s marketing experts picked him, because he designed simple and memorable? The answer is clearly, both as well. To be sure, a lot of interpretation potential lurks in such a sentence. Do you still live or you already live. At first glance a strange sentence. Actually what would be if you only stay”would. Would you not also live”? Of course you would live. You would in his home, breathe, sleep, eat, and drink.

The difference is in the way of living. We all know people who can give no individual touch their house or their house. The apartments have no personality. They are meaningless as a white sheet of paper. In a Word, they are boring. Often, the owners of this can “Apartments and houses nothing for them is missing the articulateness, the expressionist vein from a home my home” to make. Sure, all furniture will be available. Cabinets, tables and chairs.

Wallpaper on the wall will be and hanging curtains at the window. Maybe also plants in the apartment will be available. But something crucial is missing. The individual touch. The personal. “” Personal items that have a special place, pictures on the wall from bygone days, your own drawings, even made decorations, all these things make the difference between just living “and already live” from. If you come for the first time in the apartment of a friend, what to watch out there? On the wallpaper on the wall or ask where the coffee table? I guess not. Be is photos look, drawings, pictures, decorative objects, thereby to draw conclusions about the personality of the owner. And often are no or little personal things in the apartments Discover can. It seems to be not uncommon as the people would forget it, to be able to decorate your own home with personal belongings. There is nothing easier than that. There are so many beautiful decorative ideas, on which you can draw, if you yourself want to invade any convincing ideas. In the Internet shops and for example, can you get first suggestions as you can make decorations yourself from Swarovski rhinestones. Take a little time and create an individual piece for your case, your shelf or the windowsill. How about a flower made of Swarovski pearls. You need no beads of your choice more than a little Myrtle wire and Swarovski -. Or hang selected plants with beautiful Swarovski crystals, so they look like large dew or water droplets. There are many ways to make your home with small ideas decorative and so personal. You only need to To try. L. Christensen

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