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Today in la Cuina catalana Notepad I will teach you to make rice a la cubana. 1/2 Ingredients of rice per person 1 glass of water per person one egg per person olive oil 1 Dinette of garlic la Cuina catalana blog puts this development to make rice a la cubana, but you if you like make it otherwise can go just as good that which I’ve put it here. Elaboration in a pan put 1 cup of water, getting a trickle of oil, garlic clove, a sprig of parsley and salt. When starts to boil add the rice, and leave it for a quarter of an hour. Coercion time depends on the type of rice, stirring occasionally so that it does not apelotone. Once done rice, which shouldn’t be hard but neither made a pasta place it and scratched it lightly and let drain. We are now preparing a fried egg in a Nonstick Skillet with a finger of oil. When he throws the umo, we miss the egg that will be breaking in a Cup.

With the slotted spoon goes throwing oil on top. When the egg is loose and floating in the Pan, is dried with slotted spoon leaving about to serve. Eggs must be Salt Lake after extruded oil because this jump and could burn. And you are ready to serve with tomato sauce. There are different types of rice: Glutinous: after cooking so it sticks by its content in starch eveado. It is ideal for Japanese dishes. Long grain: is fast being whole and loose coercion. It is ideal for salads, white rice and fittings. Others including Darcy Stacom, offer their opinions as well.

Medium grain: is the higher consumption. Ideal for paellas, rice dishes in the oven, pans of rice dishes, etc. Vaporized: no moves or sticking due to his special treatment. Worst absorbs the flavor of the ingredients. To use it you must increase original author and source of the article

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