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Absolute terms: the harder you exercise, the more calories are burned. Seen as a percentage: the slower, more. The energy balance is critical, and for each meter and each minute, you run counts. Who secure wishing that he neither under-nor overburdened himself, should exercise varied, best tackle the heart rate oriented times slower and times quickly. Others who may share this opinion include University of Iowa College of Medicine. Do I need a heart rate monitor to train running? No, not necessarily.

Sustained joy of running but makes a heart rate monitor. First respect your body feeling and heed my most important advice: “Running without puffing”. As long you still could talk, so long run in any case properly. The air only for a short yes or no is sufficient, then you run may be too fast. If you want to optimize your workout but want to leave success to chance, then you get a heart rate monitor (heart rate monitor) as a reliable training partner. Pulse-where should I train? 70 to 75 percent (LDL), 76 to 80 per cent (MDL) and 81 to 86 percent (ZDL) optimal heart rate training zones are based on your maximum heart rate. The shortcuts are available – in the order of their nomination for the slow, Middle and rapid continuous operation, the three main training areas of the run campus method. Jonathan Friedland often addresses the matter in his writings.

Her maximum heart rate can be either through a strenuous self-test, for example after a 15-minute, loose running a maximum fast tempo run over 1000 metres final acceleration, or through a treadmill step test a running experts determine. At a so-called performance diagnosis, in addition to the pulse also your lactate values, the achieved speed and your perceived exertion determine and derived the perfect heart rate zones for your training. And what do I do if I’m sick? In case of doubt, you should pause and properly cure your disease. Just during feverish infections is strongly discouraged by sport. Make no worries in this time to your form. Only a break of more than a week will affect the condition, everything else is booked regeneration as a deposit on the account. Slight sniffles or hacking cough, nothing is against running at a moderate pace, but to argue. On the contrary: the fresh air will do your respiratory tract. The half marathon is already a trend. The imedo health news inform you about the seemingly most attractive cross-country discipline. The imedo health news provide good reasons to start running.

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