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In this case, you opt for integration in a specific special education classroom, in an ordinary school, to achieve that students feel integrated although, due to their difficulties, they can be properly served at the individual level. Another aspect of relevance is the interaction with students: the pace of progress of persons with autism, PDD, mental retardation is different for each of them, there may be periods of rapid progress and periods of regression, etc so it is absolutely necessary to develop a relationship empathic in which the primary premise is a good quality of relationship. We must pay special attention to signs to use in the relationship, variable proxemicas, emotional variables and everything that may negatively affect interaction. General capacities priority to affect both have the age of 7 years, which would correspond to the first year of the cycle of primary education (from 6 years of age); However, if children have not reached the minimum necessary to begin the first cycle of primary education, by which, such as the law foresees, can make the decision to stay one more year in the second cycle of the stage by a resolution of the corresponding Provincial delegation, requested by the Center, following a report from the guardian, family and educational guidance team positive estimation in conformity and psychology, in order to achieve the objectives of the stage. The first measure, since it will be extending the duration of the period of early childhood education to properly care for their special educational needs. This expansion arises initially for one year, and at the end of it we will make the appropriate evaluation of progress. These children have problems specifically in the area of communication and language. Therefore, the curriculum areas of the second cycle of early childhood education (Area of identity and Personal autonomy, Area of the physical environment and Social, language Area: communication and representation), will have to impact priority in the block comprising the contents related to the communicative function and the linguistic area: the Area of language: communication and representation, although work objectives of the other two areas by being able to dissociate none of them.

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