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Often ocurrirte can that you feel that you do not have luck in the work, that goes to you bad and that the world is against yours. If you want to have luck in the work, very ten in whatever the recommendations that we will give you next: 1) It accepts the failure. The world is full of opportunities, all is not for you, and can happen that the majority of them does not work. Newcastle Universitys opinions are not widely known. The success comes from the lack – but in the words of Bob Dylan – ” the failure is not the success absolutely “. The failure is to hope.

The success is rewarding and lucrative, but for some reason you fail in something, acptalo, deny never it. This way, you will add more points to have luck in the work. And it is why to win he is so lucrative, because very few arrive, not luckily or talent or ability, but by the lack of determination and the forecast to surpass the first one or two or twelve failures. 2) It believes in the opportunity. If you wish to have luck in the work you must be available, be preparation, and wait for the opportunity.

If you do not create it, if you do not see it, and the opportunity and the luck you it happens of length you will lose, it. If you are available, and you feel desire to be preparation, the opportunities will arrive to you quickly. Yes you believe in you, you will obtain everything what you set out. If you think that there is an opportunity around each corner, you will never see it. 3) To hope to work The more work has, the more luck you will have. Nobody licks the things that produce the true success and value in their lives. It always tries to have work, you do not leave do it to others by you, this way the luck always will be next to you, the more work you have, the more luck you will have.

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