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Only six months have passed since, as a roadster BMW Z4 M appeared on the world auto shows and the new model is presented for a test drive in Russia – an enviable lightness, which can rarely boast of manufacturers of sports vehicles. It seems, BMW is serious about making Z4 M hit this summer driving season. The basis of machine – 343-horsepower engine from the legendary BMW M3 coupe, and it is in the working volume of 3.2 liters in (for comparison, BMW 330 XdA only 231 hp with a volume of 3 liters.). No wonder the last six years, he has consistently ranked first in the competition Engine of the Year in the category of 3 to 4 liters. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine spoke with conviction. And if we add to this “flaming heart” manual 6-speed manual transmission with a minimum of moves, sports suspension and perforated brake discs are larger diameter, the peace Roadster Z4, having label F, turns into a serious sports car. Massive front bumper with the “flaps” on the sides and traditional M-series with four exhaust pipes create a unique look of the new machine. But fans of the noise tracking, even at idle, this model will please a solid baritone voice, which gradually increased to 5000 rev / min., then to go on a desperate roar, overlapping all the other noises. The proportions of the body with a long hood and short trunk evoke memories of pre-war cars, but old-fashioned BMW Z4 can not be called. In the roadster in all his glory is revealed unique design chief

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